April 8, 2007, 1:42 am
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Party princess LINDSAY LOHAN complimented her black-and-white Diane Von Furstenberg babydoll dress with a fishnet wrist cover at a recent T-Mobile Sidekick event in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, R&B cutie CHRISTINA MILIAN was a splash of colour in the yellow version during a night out in Hollywood.


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Christina-no contest.

Comment by Anonymous

The dresses are different but in the same collection.

I think C. Milian is wearing her dress better than Lindsayola.

C. Milian lose the bag.

Comment by B :)

I like the dress better on LINDSAY

Comment by happy

def christina. no doubt about it.
it looks much better with color in it too.

Comment by kali


Comment by lulu

Christina. Her looks is refreshing in its simplicity… no fuss; just a dress, flats, and a bag.

I hate that Lindsay pairs just about every dress/frock/whatever with tights and black shoes. Boring!

Comment by Aysla

christina by a mile! the dress looks great on her, while lindsay once again picks something too short in an poor attempt to be sexy.

Comment by SAS

CHRISTINA – The black and white version does not look good with the super dark black tights and those ankle boots are ugly. But at least Lindsay’s hair looks good.

Comment by Gidget

Christina. Lohan’s is too short…she always wears things that cut her off at the thighs, drawing attention to them. Not always a good thing.

Christina’s dress color is pretty, and an appropriate length….but her “music” is really awful.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Christina definetly. I like the lower neckline and the longer. I agree with B that the purse doesn’t go very well with the dress though.

Linday needs to stop wearing so much black and white stuff. Those colors just aren’t flattering on her, but it seems like they’re all she ever has on.

Comment by Truly

Christina. But… R&B cutie?! Her career in R&B is ultra-over!

Comment by Samantha Jones

Lilo, we have seen those shoes about 10 times in the past 2 weeks-really.
And what is the deal with the constant wrist-wrap on her left arm? Is she a cutter?
She has no real flair for style, always the same look.
Christina looks cute and fresh.

Comment by TellMeMore

Christina, DEFINITELY.. Lindsay is such a moron for cutting up beautiful dresses

Comment by Anonymous

I think I’d have to go with Christina because the black and white on Lindsay is just kinda blah. The dress really isn’t that nice actually but it looks hotter without tights.

Comment by Stephi

Christina pulls it off much better.
She looks so cute!

Comment by Emma

Lilo, just because I don’t like it in yellow.

Comment by Agustina

See how Lindsay cheaply took up the dress by rolling the bottom up? I bet she stapled it there.

She should have cut it above the floral hemline and sewed it back to be shorter. She’s such a piece of trash.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by sigh

Lindsay ruined the dress by cutting off the floral pattern. That’s kind of what makes the dress…the repetition of that band of pattern. I have to say I like it better in black and white, but Christina definitely owns it. Lilo cheapened the whole look in an effort to show off her fat hams.

Comment by 4PetesSake

of course LINDSAY. her whole arrangement to the dress is much more stylish than christina’s

Comment by 1718

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