April 9, 2007, 1:49 pm
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Poor Brandon Davis. Once a BFF of Paris Hilton, Brandon is now struggling to find a friend he calls his own.

According to Page Six, the greasy oil heir threw a fit when he was rejected from the recent Details magazine party in Hollywood.

‘According to our spy, “he started demanding that staffers get Stavros [Niarchos].” The Greek shipping heir had evidently told Davis about the party and was already inside. But when staffers found Niarchos, he begged them to tell Davis that he wasn’t there, adding, “I didn’t invite him here, and I don’t really want to be around him.” Niarchos then joined the other revelers. Davis eventually made such a fuss that he was allowed in – and Niarchos beelined to a Details editor to apologize, adding, “You know I would never bring him here.”‘

Pretty humiliating story, I know, but wait a few weeks until the exact same thing happens to Stavros.

Aren’t Hollywood friendships fab?


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he should be rejected from the human race- I don’t blame Stavros for not wanting to be associated with this pig.

Comment by parissucksliterally

is he trying to lick his nipple?

money can’t but brains nor class. prime example.

Comment by dottcomm1

haha just like Peter Griffin

Comment by rachel

He really has just let himself go hasnt he? He used to be in fairly good shape and everyone wanted to be friends with him and now hes just a mess. His behavior at Paris’ party was just disgusting. I’ve always thought he looked like Elvis (both the skinny and fat years) hopefully he doesn’t have an end like the King’s.

Comment by Stephi

fucking disgusting. i know its mean but i LOVE that he gets shunned from parties. what a no-hoper.

Comment by SAS

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