April 9, 2007, 8:05 pm
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Just another useless Ashley Olsen post.

This time the pint-sized mogulette was spotted gratifying a chai fix at a local West Hollywood Starbucks.

When it came to style, the Ashmeister did not fail to impress. Rocking rocking Jil Sander flats and an $8000 Fendi, the 20-year-old Olsen was the epitome of effortless style.

Now if only she could keep her hair as clean as those fancy bag.


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Why do paps keep taking pics of these has-beens?
They were famous when they were what 2 maybe 3 years old. COME ON! They were ugly, no talents back then and they still are! Stop wasting time following these monchichis!

Comment by that girl

Arasto, i was told posh is about to starr in the first scientology film produced and directed by none other than tom cruise himself. working title: the thetan! Do you have any valid info on whether it’s true or not?? thx in advance 😉

^^thank you. (who cares abt the olsen’s! )

Comment by carlett

^Lol I heard about that a whiile ago. It’s not true.

Comment by Aysla

bag = FENDI

hence the interlocking, upside down Fs

Comment by LA whore

Goddamn, these two girls are hidously ugly. I actually think Britney Spears has better fashion sense.

Comment by my2cents

These girls piss me off so much. They don’t even try and look presentable when they leave the house, its like they think they are too good for grooming. It’s not fashionable, its not hot and its not attractive its just a massive insult to anyone that has to see them. Pick up a hairbrush and stop dressing like a hobo!

Comment by Stephi

^^^couldn’t agree with you more, Stephi. You’d think with all that loot they’d clean up a bit. The cost of the bag itself could pay for a bangin’ hairstylist for a few sessions! LOL at..”its just a massive insult to anyone that has to see them” !!

Comment by crumbly

It’s not a Givenchy bag. It’s a Fendi. You can clearly see the Fendi logo on the bag.

Comment by jake wang

$8 0 0 0 !! are you fucking kidding me! and they don’t have enough money to buy a hairdryer?

Comment by SAS

Hello, smurf.

Comment by Aysla

Enough already. I can’t recall seeing a good photo of these twin disasters in some time. Okay, they have no fashion sense, got it. No need to see more.

Comment by xandyapple

GOSH!! second time uve named the rong designer for a bag … cough cough and there really obvious designers … cough cough victora beckham wearing an hermes bag .. and u sed something like prada SHEESH!!

Comment by cameron

Good grooming is of the utmost importance. I feel insulted when I see pics of these bedraggled creatures. They just cover themselves in expensive accessories & think it makes up for dirty hair & unkempt appearance. The old perfume on a pig analogy…

Comment by spinner

looks like her hair is wet not greasy

Comment by Anonymous

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