April 9, 2007, 2:19 pm
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It appears that the hard feelings between Sienna Miller and ex beau Jude Law has not faded away, for the ex-couple are reportedly criticizing each other in private, according to friends.

While Jude has apparently dissed Sienna’s current flame, Jamie Burke, the ‘Factory Girl’ actress has reacted by attacking skank du jour Lindsay Lohan, who was recently linked with Jude.

“They are both angry and bitter. They just keep on trading vicious insults, and keep fighting back and forth,” a mutual friend was quoted as telling the Sunday Mirror.

According to common friends, Jude says that Sienna is “dull, fake and boring”, while the British beauty claims that Jude is “fat, egotistical and juvenile.”

Hey, when you’re both right, you’re both right!


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Sienna making fun of Lohan is funny- she’s the English VERSION of Lohan!

Comment by parissucksliterally

Jude may be many things but he certainly not fat. Uh, I cannot stand Sienna Miller – she seems so stupid.

Comment by Pole

this relationship was awful for Jude’s image, he was seen as a very serious and respected actor before Sienna, now he is a tabloid joke.

Comment by Marcy

Sienna just seems like trouble to me and she’s just really trashy in my opinion….zero class. I think her and Jude are one of those couples who will just always be on and off and who will probably wind up together after three divorces or something. I think they would both be pretty unbearable to date, so they probably suit each other.

Comment by Stephi

God I hate Sienna Miller. Hate her hate her hate her!

Hell, I wouldnt even know who she was if it werent for Jude Law. (whether that’s a good or bad thing I dont know.)

Comment by a

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