April 9, 2007, 3:22 pm
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The Daily Star reports Britney Spears, who has been a suddenly frequent attendee of Los Angeles Lakers games, is set to go out on a date with Lakers star Luke Walton.

“They would be an unlikely looking couple with him towering over her,” a source said of the 6’8″ Walton vs. the 5’4″ Spears. “But Britney’s not had much luck with men so why not give Luke a go? His people and her people are trying to thrash out a date when they can have a bite to eat and then we’ll see what happens.”

While an NBA player is not the most ideal of boyfriends, considering the slew of skidrow hoodrats Brit has dated as of late, any guy with a job would be the snag of a lifetime!


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This same rumor was around after she broke up with Justin and Luke Walton shut it down. Britney is the one who has a major crush on him, but I highly doubt he has any desire to be with this trainwreck.

Comment by LuLu

He shot her down? AWESOME (as this twit would say). Who in the fuck would get involved with this train wreck? PR people don’t even want to touch her.

Comment by yeahso?

I think Britney is just a “Size Queen.”

Comment by spinner

Luke already has a girlfriend.

Comment by Anonymous

I know him from college… she’s too good for him. Seriously

Comment by Anonymous

She is too good for ANYONE. Especially her children.

Comment by Katriona

I can’t imagine any man wanting to date her. Any man with half a brain would run from her because she has WAY too much baggage.

Comment by my2cents


Comment by jen

Luke, run for your life, little boy!

Comment by Agustina

This is just yet another rumor…next she will be dating George Bush!! Seriously, until the words come out of Britney’s mouth about who she is dating I do not beleive it. Because she’s been on good behaviour lately and has been looking pretty good, the tabloids are freaking out with nothing to hate on her about so…they have to make up some ‘love interests’. So pathetic.

Comment by Stephi

where does she find these hats?! and where on earth did she find that dress! i’m not saying she looks bad, just… bizarre. and a bit passe.

Comment by SAS

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He has a super-cure smile. I hope this is not true.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

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