April 9, 2007, 1:04 am
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Some celebrate Easter by going to mass with their families.

Others engage in egg hunts with their kids.

Paris Hilton uses the holy day as an excuse to flash her ill-fitting knickers to a slew of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed paparazzi.

Poor Jesus has to resurrect to this smut?

Moments after her public flashing, the hotel heirhead reappeared from her West Hollywood condo rocking a brown wig and two little bunny rabbits.

If you’re confused, it was Bring-Your-Own-Rabbit-Night at Hyde nightclub.


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bitch is so sick! Good job paris, pick up yet another set of animals you won’t take care of.

Comment by Rachel

she should stay brunette.
but those poor litle rabits.

Comment by anatomy of me

wow, her feet are alarmingly big, and those shoes are alarmingly ug.

Comment by candy

I have to say, her ass does not look as saggy as it usually does- could be the angle.

Her house must smell with all the kinds of animals she has.

Comment by parisucksliterally

2 posts all day!!?!!!

im very disappointed

Comment by marie

soo now that its not easter any more (and their photo-op purpose has been served), i wonder if the bunnies still have a home? cynical of me, i know, but i can’t help but wonder esp. as she so blatantly uses her ‘pets’ as accessories.

shit ppl give arasto a break. he’s said he’s working his ass off on this new site as well as posting on this temporary site. and did you ever think he may be spending easter with his friends or family? there are many other gossip sites out there if you are just DYING to see what brit is wearing today.

Comment by SAS

well said, SAS.

give him a break.

Comment by parissucksliterally

At least her legs and ass look pretty good!! I’m sure that has happened to most girls before who thought they could get away with a short dress! And those babydoll ones really seem to have a mind of their own when theres a breeze!
I think the bunnies are soooo cute!! My sister in law had a petting zoo at her place this weekend for her kids and it was just so much fun. The kids were all over the poor little easter bunnies!

Comment by Stephi

Bringing little rabbits into Hyde?! That’s just animal cruelty!! Do people use their brains at all? Do they have ANY respect for other living creatures??

Comment by Nina

Marie and whoever else complains, there’re sites which as a rule, don’t post anything during the weekend. And you’re complaining cause you can’t get your gossip fix for a day?
Arasto is busy with a new site and did you consider that he might have a life outside this site too? 🙂

Comment by Shoe_freak

IS this Bring-Your-Own-Rabbit-Night in the litteral sense??? lmao t those people are nuts….and happy easter to you too!

Comment by carlett

Her boobs are small again! She is sp fucking ugly…

Comment by Agustina

yes, her boobs ARE small again. Now will everyone believe me about her NOT getting a boob job? She gained weight, and wears a good bra.

Comment by parissucksliterally

soo sick of this bitch….and sorry, but Stephi you’re pathetic.

Comment by moo moo

I was at hyde that night:) so fabulous. and paris looks perfect as always!

Comment by leela

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