April 9, 2007, 2:31 pm
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All eyes may have been on England’s World Cup cricket action, but Prince Harry had more important things to tend to (i.e. gal pal Chelsy Davy.) The young royal and the pretty South African smooched and laughed their way through England’s crucial game against Australia in Antigua yesterday.

While 22-year-old Harry rocked a striped polo shirt, gorgeous Chelsy showed off her shapely figure in a green and white top and denim mini.

The young lovers are currently sharing a romantic break on nearby Barbados, enjoying quality time together ahead of the Prince’s deployment in Iraq, where he will be stationed for six months. And happy duo’s appearance during their three-week Caribbean break at the sporting event was a rare sighting, as they’ve spent most of the time closeted in their room at the Glitter Bay resort.

Gee, I wonder what they could be doing in there the entire time?


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SWOOOOON!! Harry = Hotness

Comment by spinner

thats one big mouth she has. No wonder he keeps her in the room for hours.

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

I think she is really cute.

Comment by my2cents

a little fire crotch action I presume..

Comment by crumbly

she is actually zimbabwean…and vile…

Comment by me*

I think they make a really cute couple and that last photo is adorable! She kinda reminds me of Lo from Laguna.
I’m actually surprised the Royal Family allowed them to stay together, because even if they are doing the deed they are meant to at least keep up the illusion of no sex before marriage.

Comment by Stephi

Yeah, I think he has to marry a virgin, but there’s a huge double standard so he doesn’t have to be a virgin as well. All’s good if he dumps her for having slept with him and marrys some pure young thing.

Comment by Spanky

It doesn’t matter who he dates, or if he has an orgy everynight before he is married. He is the younger brother to William, and unless William says no to taking over the throne, or dies…Harry isn’t going anywhere near there. So he gets to live it up…like his uncle Andrew did, before he hooked up with Fergie the first.

Comment by audrey

i love me some harry

Comment by sigh

^Agreed… but he’s facing away from the cam in both pics :(.

I heard his gf is an airhead though… (*not jealous! ;))

Comment by Aysla

me is right she is zimbabwean which is certainly different from south african. warning: do not make that mistake in person! (me- could you elaborate on the ‘vile’ part though, i’m curious!)

Stephi and Spanky, believe it or not the royal family moved in the 21st century with us! look at william and kate and even charles and camilla. no-one cares abour their sex before marriage. harry has been with her for years (sigh) i don’t think anyone is under any illusions about what they do in their spare time!

Comment by SAS

They stopped the virgin tradition because they saw how bad things turned out when he couldn’t originally marry Camilla

Comment by S

What a lucky ho, I would hit it all day long too!

Comment by BeJeeBus

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