April 9, 2007, 9:50 pm
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Jennifer Lopez continues to milk the Latina card in the upcoming issue of Para Todos, on newsstands today.

J.Lo on Puerto Rico: “I love Puerto Rico and I have beautiful memories of moments I’ve shared with my family, closed friends and because of my work I do not get to go there too often, but actually last year I got the opportunity to perform one of Marc’s songs at one of his shows and the experience was amazing.”


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Ok Jen, u’re hot…we got it!!!

Comment by NEXT!!!

I love Puerto Rico. all the locals always mistake me for a boriqua.

Comment by LuLu

She looks hot in that photo but in some way I can’t figure out very 80’s. I heard that her album only sold 40,000 copies in it’s 1st week. haha

Comment by my2cents

she really is playing the latina card isn’t she??? i don’t remember her doing this type of publicity before, before it was all for People or Entertainment Tonight. And all this talking about being proud of being latin, I don’t remember her talking about all this before.

Comment by ryan

my2cents, I agree. I think it’s the curly hair and off-the-shoulder shirt. Very Flashdance.

Comment by 4.54

Yeah, Jen, you’re hot… Not.

Comment by Agustina

Over-exposure! Stop shoving your CD down my throat! I wont buy it damnitt!


Comment by Aysla

I like to look at her. I don’t want to listen to her.

Comment by spinner

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