April 9, 2007, 11:11 pm
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Finally — a new Hollywood couple that doesn’t make me want to throw up a little in my mouth!

While she may not be looking for a new boyfriend, it appears Scarlett Johansson has found one anyway — she’s sparked rumours of a romance with Canadian hunk Ryan Reynolds after they were spotted together repeatedly over the weekend.

The couple were spotted having dinner together at Rao’s in New York on Friday night before heading over to new club Azza where they were seen kissing. Then on Saturday they were spotted dining at Odeon in Tribeca.

An onlooker told People magazine they seemed to have other things on their mind rather than food though: “They were totally making out the whole time.”

They were then spotted eating together a third time – a late lunch/early dinner around 4pm at the Carlyle yesterday. An eyewitness there revealed: “They were there with a couple of friends. Ryan and Scarlett were being quite cute, enjoying each other’s company, and I saw Ryan give her a quick kiss on the cheek, after which she blushed and looked very coquettish… I almost didn’t recognize him with his beard!”

From Alanis to Scar.Jo? Can we say: biggest upgrade ever


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I’m afraid I have to hate him now.

Comment by chelseah

Hollywood’s a town full of village bicycles.

Comment by Anonymous

He is so yummy!

Comment by Someone

Hollywood’s a town full of village bicycles.

Comment by Anonymous 04.09.07 @ 11:39 pm


Comment by 4.54

F*ck he is soooo HOT!!!!
And to think he was a dork on a Nickelodeon show! LOL

Comment by blake

is her right boob odd looking?

Comment by hmm

They are hot.

Comment by Agustina

i *heart* ryan reynolds

Comment by sigh

is her right boob odd looking?
Comment by hmm 04.10.07

well if by that you mean natural looking…

i actually don’t mind scarlett (can’t explain it) but i do think she’s a bit of a slut. i mean hook up with ‘normal’ hot guys rather than celebs and it’ll most likely fly under the radar. i can see why some guys just can’t help themselves though!

Comment by SAS

Agree with SAS, her boobs look normal and I think she has a pretty hott body … but I do think she’s a bit of a slut. Just seen her with too many guys.

Comment by candyapple

^^Agreed with both of you. And Ryan is so hot…

Comment by Aysla

I think Scarlett has an incredible body. She does seem to get around though…

Comment by my2cents

They look like they would make a gorgeous couple! I dont think Scarlett gets around any more than other women its just that all her dates are publicised.

Comment by Missu

I really just don’t like Scarlett…I don’t really know why, probably because of the stories I’ve heard about her getting to where she is today and let’s just say it was not because of a good acting coach. I really couldn’t care less about this couple…yawn!

Comment by Stephi

I could name at least 5 close girl friends who “get around” a lot more than ScarJo seems to on that definition. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t call numerous dates nymphomania quite yet.

It’s odd. Nobody seems to “hate” Colin Farrell and he’s a much bigger slut.

Comment by Selon

Wow she is one easy fish to catch! Give her a smile and she is all over you! What a sad sad loser.. Pity cause Ryan is the hotness, and frankly this is a downgrade for him!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Scarlett & Jessica are they in a title race to see who can bag the same men??

I swear he was linked to Ms Biel too awhile back?

Comment by Ella

I liked Ryan & Alanis together. I was hoping it would last. It looks like Ryan is boinking anything that crosses his path, including Scarlette. I think Scarlette is way over-rated, as is Jessica Bei.

Comment by spinner

stephi is right on the mark. scarjo kick started her career started from massive whoredom. she couldnt even get into nyu drama as an ungrad people…

Comment by analbeads

glad i’m not the only one who caught that scarlett and jessica biel are being linked with the same men.

Comment by thighmegatampon

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