April 9, 2007, 7:15 pm
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Who knew Jerry O’Connell had the big bucks to fork over for a 6 carat diamond ring for finacée Rebecca Romijn?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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i just saw blood diamond, so no comment.

Comment by mae

^That was one of the best movies I have seen is a LONG time. I think I cried enough for a year. I do have to say I really love Jamie Pressly’s ring. It is really beautiful and different.

Comment by my2cents

I really like Maggie’s. But, I’m a simple kind of girl. I don’t like big flashy stuff. But, if I was, I’d want Beth O’s! Wow, that’s gorgeous!

Comment by that girl

Rocks are sooooooooo useless!
Like caring a piece of overpriced stone will save a relationship from stupidity!?

Comment by the devil

Didn’t Nicolette & Bolton break up? Can somone update me on that..oh my god! What am I saying??..Nevermind. I couldn’t care less.

Comment by lola lola

I like Maggie’s best too. I hate big gawdy looking rings. It’s like, who gives a shit? People don’t even care about the shit that goes on over in Africa for them to wear that crap. It’s all so depressing.

Comment by LuLu

There isn’t a diamond in the world big enough to get me to kiss Howard Stern not to mention boink him or marry him. I know he’s a gazilliaire but his is just repulsive.

Comment by chelseah

Amen chelseah!

Comment by Randi

i think big rocks are tacky and solitaires are boring. i’d much rather something unusual. i know its incredibly UNromantic but i think i’d rather my boyfriend just propose and then we chose the ring together (or really i chose and he paid lol)

Comment by SAS

Maggie’s ring is really simple and really cute. I like it.

Comment by Agustina

Colored stones are so much prettier. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires … Eff tradition.

Comment by Anonymous

^ was me. Sorry. Just getting use to new site. I’m also xandyapple today. 🙂

Comment by candyapple

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