April 9, 2007, 5:07 pm
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Newly rehabilitated songstress BRITNEY SPEARS matched her sleeveless Prada mini-dress with boots, purse and her now trademark wig during a shopping spree over the weekend. Meanwhile, ZOEY DESCHANEL kept it modern and simple with Miu Miu pumps and black stockings at a celeb-filled NYC event earlier this month.


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Zoey, on her the mini-dress looks like a dress, on Britney it looks like a shirt.

Comment by Ano

Zoey all the way… she’s adorable!! Not like dirty Britney…. EWWW!! 😦

Comment by Sybill

wow, Britney’s got some nice ass legs! Briteny all the way.

Comment by meretrix

Zoey if she lost the shoes.

Comment by B :)

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Her name is ZOOEY not Zoey

Comment by Donji

Brit looks like a retard. She has those boots on in every picture, and her wig is crooked.

Comment by nobody

Why can’t Britney’s stylist get her a better wig…I mean, come on, really?!!

Comment by CaliGirlinGA

Britney does not look that bad except for the fact that the dress is too small and her wig is crooked. Isn’t Britney like 5’4? I am 5’9 so I would hate to see how short that dress would be on me.

Comment by my2cents

seriously…do you really even have to ask???

Comment by crumbly


Comment by Amanda

Let’s just say Fugly doesn’t own it.

Comment by Me

zoey zoey zoey, most obviously.

Comment by candy

Ugly dress. Burn it.

Comment by Shoe_freak

Britney Spears & Zoey Deschanel Wear the Same Dress, Who Wore it Better?

Newly rehabilitated songstress Britney Spears matched her sleeveless Prada mini-dress with boots, purse and her now trademark wig during a shopping spree over the weekend. Meanwhile, Zoey Deschanel kept it modern and simple with Miu Miu pumps and black…

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Zooey looks better.

Comment by Agustina

Zooey for sure. WTF is up with Britney’s hat?

Comment by j

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If you cut off Britney’s head, she doesn’t look half bad.

Comment by that girl


Comment by Anony

why the hell would you shave your head and then wear a stupid wig. i just don’t get it. she should just drop the hat and the wig and rock the fuzz.

p.s. zooey. hands down.

Comment by Sheil

Brit will be doomed if she keeps that very very bad sense of style. The wig?! The stupid hat on top of the wig!? The stupid tall boots with those pantyhose? The dress is decent but she manages to ruin a nice design.

Comment by the devil

Welll no pantyhose…I totally picture her with that…But come on! that bag with a hat an a wig?

Comment by the devil

britney!!! that other chick is too skinny… x

Comment by dawn


Comment by UGCH!

I went to school with Zooey and lived in the same dorm as her. She always told us she was going to go to Hollywood and become an actress. Sure enough, she left school one day and never came back. I can’t hate on her for believing in herself.

Comment by Ice Queen

I’m really not a fan of Zooey’s at all. She’s just another boring emo/rockabilly chick who tries to hard to be different and yet ends up being like 5 million other emo/rockabilly chicks out there. And actress?? She seems to just play the same role in everything I’ve seen her in.
Britney’s legs look awesome here and I actually go her for the winner…if only she was carrying that gross bag!

Comment by Stephi

i like both 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

Zooey for sure!
It would have looked a lot better on Britney if she had gotten off her lazy bum and ironed the thing.

Comment by Dancer

Zooey definetly. It’s a weird dress but she pulls it off.

Britney has this weird thing where she can make even a $20,000 dress look like she got it from Sears. Jennifer Aniston too.

Comment by Truly

the female on the right would look better if she did not have on those stockings …

The thing on the right looks positively bedraggled!

Comment by Lela

hmmm … I need to wake up a bit more. I meant ‘thing on the left looks bedraggled’

Comment by Lela

Zooey for sure. Brit looks like a hot mess.

Comment by estrella

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zooey owns it. brit would look better if she wore it with stockings (and without boots!) its just too short on her (though her legs look good here)

that hat! argh. i’m sure wigs don’t blow off that easily that they need to be jammed down by some ugly fkin hat every day and night!

does she think we forgot she went crazy and shaved her own head!

Comment by SAS

Britney is a fashion RETARD.


Comment by parissucksliterally

It doesn’t matter what she wears…Britney always looks like crap. If it isn’t clothes that don’t fit right, it is the bad wigs, or the boots that should be burned…and now the endless stream of ugly headwear.

Comment by audrey

Brit is a laughingstock. Everything about her look is wrong. The mini-dress is definitely not made for her kind of figure… it looks like she borrowed her little sister’s dress, the wig & hat combo du jour are worse than usual, she probably stole the bag from one of her dolls… and when will she *ever* ditch those boots??

Zooey by a mile.

Comment by Aysla

I think this dress looks awful on both of them. Maybe it would look better on someone more “leggy” like Cameron Diaz. Brit’s legs are awesome but this dress just doesn’t suit her. Just sayin.

Comment by candyapple

britney shouldn’t be allowed to wear prada. white trash and prada go together like a peanut butter and sardine sandwich. see, if she just wore her hair shaved like natalie portman did (which she could carry off having such a pretty face), she could wear prada, but that cheesy hat, the cheesy wig, she might as well just throw on a hefty bag.

Comment by lulu

What’s with all the spam messages? We want the old fadedyouth back! Oops, I mean I do..! Brit really needs to check herself, no one in their right mind leaves the house looking like that. That glued on to the hat wig is a travesty!!! am not even kidding get it fixed girl!!!

Comment by BeJeeBus

Arasto.. It’s not the first time you copy-paste texts from other sites. I can’t believe you used to bitch Perez for stealing your pictures.

Comment by mylene

Dear, god, the BOOTS! AGAIN!! I hate to say it, but the boots acually look OK with the dress IMO. It’s the fugly hat and handbag. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything better from Britney.

Comment by 4PetesSake


Comment by Anonymous

i seriously dont get britneys style…it is so cheap and tacky looking…and that bag DOES NOT MATCH…then again nothing she is wearing does

Comment by Anonymous

Zooey hands down, Britney legs some of you like? They look like mens legs.

Comment by Anonymous

zoey. q.e.d.

Comment by What?

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