April 9, 2007, 6:34 pm
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Everyone knows that the Ivy is not the most ideal restaurant for a quiet lunch. Packed with paparazzi and star-watchers alike, a visit to the L.A. hotspot is the celeb eqivalent of holding a national press conference. Just without the mics.

That being said, when a somber-looking Jessica Alba was spotted leaving the Ivy yesterday sans fiance Cash Warren, was she trying to send us a message? After all, it has been weeks since the “happy couple” was last spotted together.

Sadly, break-ups are never pretty, and now, neither is Jessica!


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A woman alone!?!

How can this be?!!

Comment by the devil

I’ve thought these two were over for ages. I know you should never judege by photos but there were shots of them where they definately looked as though they were fighting and then all of a sudden they weren’t seen together. I hope for both their sakes they work things out because they’ve been together a while and it sucks to break up!!! She hasn’t been looking too hot at all lately either, a comb through the hair wouldn’t hurt.

Comment by Stephi

meh i’ve seen pics of them fighting before and they’ve been together for years.

but what is goin on with her? is she sick? she has lost a lot of weight and looks very pale recently.

Comment by SAS

shes looks SICK

Comment by trapstar

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