April 9, 2007, 4:03 pm
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Reese Witherspoon left behind rumoured beau Jake Gyllenhaaal to spend Easter weekend with her two kids.

Looking like the perfect Hollywood Stepford Wife, Reese was all smiles at The Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills on Sunday, accompanied by 7-year-old daughter Ava and 3-year-old son Deacon.

 The 31-year-old actress-mother was spotted helping Deacon collect his eggs during the Easter egg hunt, while also enjoying a chat with her fellow churchgoers.

Meanwhile, Reese’s ex Ryan Phillippe was out with Brecklin Meyers on Saturday night and was not said to be present for any of the Easter day festivities. 

After all, on a day like Easter, what’s more important:  family or some hot poontang?


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Reese is a good egg.

Comment by spinner

Ryan is such a loser. It’s a good thing she got rid of him while she was still young. She’s completely out of his league.

Comment by Anonymous

breckin meyer

Comment by Grace

I’m sure if it was his turn to have them he would have spent time with him

Comment by Anonymous

his name is Breckin- not Brecklin

Comment by Donji

this woman knows how to look sophisticated and natural, young and current…PERFECT.

Comment by the devil

I never thought that Reese Witherspoon would have a boytoy, BUT after years with that jackass Ryan, she totally deserves one.Jake is so hot.
YOU GO GIRL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Marcy

She is looking really good lately.

Comment by my2cents

Reese is a total class act. Ryan on the other hand, is a douche bag!

Comment by crumbly

Whatever people: RYAN IS HOTTTTTT. Much hotter than Jake.

Comment by MeMe

She looks like a nurse here.
And we don’t know the holidays-kids agreement with Ryan.

Comment by Shoe_freak

Reese is fab

Comment by Agustina

I like her a lot. she is fab.

Comment by carlett

Breckin Meyer- I loved him as the stoner in Clueless!! Travis?
Reese is seriously one class act. She has handled this divorce so well and she has only become a better person because of it. She seems like a supermom as well and her kids are just adorable..like little mini-mes of her and Ryan. She looks beautiful here as well!

Comment by Stephi

i can’t stand jake gyllenhaal. what a downgrade from ryan phillippe.

anyways reese probably asked him not to be there. i doubt he would’ve missed it otherwise. it’s not like he has a job or anywhere else to be.

Comment by sigh

jake is GAY. Who better to comfort you when you break up, than your hot gay friend?

Someone alert Britney that THIS they way to dress, and to parent.

Comment by parissucksliterally

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