April 9, 2007, 11:12 pm
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Fashion fanatic Hilary Duff goes strapless in Vivienne Westwood.

Bajan songstress Rihanna welcomes Spring in a colourful Gucci mini-dress.

‘Desperate Housewives’ babe Teri Hatcher keeps it so fresh and so clean in Valentino.

Rose McGowan epitomizes red carpet glamour in Bill Blass.


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I mistook Rose for Dita for a moment there…

Comment by Anonymous

Rose is the only one who looks better than the models here, IMO.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I think everyone here looks pretty good.

Comment by Anonymous

All the celebs look better than the models.

Comment by Agustina

this is the first time i have not been able to pick a winner! i think everyone looks good in their own way (ie teri looks a bit shapeless but makes up for it with hair and makeup and great shoes/purse.) well played all!

Comment by SAS

I think only Hilary and Rose top the models… the first for obvious reasons and the latter because the model’s hair and makeup is too plain (that’s a va-va-va-voom kind of dress!).

I think Rihanna and model are tied… they both look good in their own unique way. Teri looks great simply because you can see that she’s glowing with happiness, and the model just looks very chic (love the bag and nude-colored shoes!) =).

Comment by Aysla

^are, not is 🙂

Comment by Aysla

I think Rose looks better than the model. The dress Hilary is wearing looks better in blue. Teri looks good but the bottom of the dress is a little “rumpled” and not so fresh. I think that dress requires it? Guess that happens when you actually wear a dress and not just walk it on the runway.

Comment by candyapple

I think Riahnna looks really pretty and her damn Umbrella song has been stuck in my head since the gym this morning. Her waste is so tiny looking in that dress!

Comment by my2cents

candyapple: how are you doing? I’m glad to see your name…..

Comment by parissucksliterally

Hilary- Westwood needs personality to pull off the designs and that is something that Hilary is definately lacking. The bodice does nothing for her boobs either. Pretty unflattering.
Rhianna- I think she looks pretty cute here! Probably the best I’ve seen her look…if only she’s worn the model’s shoes!
Teri- The dress is really nice and classy looking and it suits Teri. Age appropriate yet hot.
Rose- I’m not a huge fan of hers but she looks gorgeous here. I’m in LOVE with this gown!!

Comment by Stephi

1. The model wins. I don’t like the color of the dress on Hilary.

2. Rihanna, even though that haircut does NOTHING for her. The sunglasses on the model ruin the entire outfit.

3. They both look great, but the model is cuter and therefore automatically looks better.

4. Rose definetly. She was MADE to wear dresses like that lol. Plus, the model’s hair is so boring that it ruins the look.

Comment by Truly

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