April 10, 2007, 2:43 am
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Can David Letterman make you stay up late Monday?

He welcomes Sen. Barack Obama, a Democratic presidential hopeful, to the ‘Late Show.’ If you don’t like Obama, there’s Oscar-winner Halle Berry. She will promote her new film ‘Perfect Stranger.’

Expect to see Obama clips all over television on Tuesday.

In the meantime, check out a few photos of gorgeous Halle arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater earlier today.


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she can always stun me with her beauty…..though I still want her to cut her hair- isn’t she shaving it soon?

Comment by parissucksliterally

these appreciation posts are just filler. so lame.

Comment by Anonymous

You’re on a freaking gossip site. All of the “news” here is just filler, get the hell over it.

Comment by 4.54

She looks different in these pics. I can’t explain it.

Comment by my2cents

she looks great

Comment by jade

The filler comment is hilarious. She is a beautiful woman.

Comment by Anonymous

It’s the hair, much darker.

Comment by Irene

She looks Hispanic in the first pic. She’s very beautiful.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

she looks off (for her that is) in these photos. looks like someone took a trip to the same plastic surgon as rose mcgowan

Comment by analbeads

She looks awesome. Gotta love Halle.

Comment by Agustina

YEAAHH she does look different!! nose job? bangs? i just can’t figure it out.

Comment by Anonymous

I completely agree that Halle is a Beauty but I’m really suprised at the fact that nobody is wondering how she moved on from Michael Ealy so quickly, there appears to be an overlap with model dude an Michael. How convenient to believe her many failed relationships were never her fault. I am not saying she deserved any of the abuse that existed in her past. I just think that she’s coming out rosey and I suspect she has some serious issues that she always gets a pass on.Even though she is Gorgeous does no one realize she’s deeply disturbed completely fallable, possibly frigid and most certainly a psycho????!!!!!!

Comment by morenita


Comment by surgeon

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