April 10, 2007, 3:25 pm
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Screw the war in Iraq, toxic pet food and global warming — Jennifer Aniston attended a business meeting in Century City, CA yesterday!

Sure, she may look happy and carefree, but it seems Jen has recently looked into her crystal ball and sees doom for ex-hubby Brad Pitt and current babymama Angelina Jolie.

 A story that appears in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day of Australia claims that Jennifer believes it’s only a matter of time before Brad and Angelina’s relationship is over.  (Join the club.)

What’s got Jen thinking her ex-hubby’s romance is doomed to fail? The temptations of Hollywood, of course. 

 “When we were married, Brad and I talked all the time about settling down and living happily ever after, and we honestly thought we could put ourselves above Hollywood.  But we found out you can’t.  When you’re on film locations and in television studios with some of the most beautiful people in the world, how can you avoid the temptation?” Jen told a close friend, according to the report.  “We tried very hard and we failed. That’s why I believe Brad will fail with Angelina.”

Meanwhile, the chatty friends adds: “She was hurt, yes. Does she think Angie caused the break up of her marriage? She’s much too classy a lady to say that, but we all know what happened.  She wishes she could recapture the way things were, Jennifer would love nothing more than to be given another chance with Brad.”

Not a very likely outcome, but, hey,  they were once Hollywood’s golden couple. 


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Now she’s being criticized for going to a meeting? This is getting kind of ridiculous

Comment by Hayley

^ i agree! i’m sitting in a meeting right now. not about global warming, either. am i wrong??

Comment by dottcomm1

Jen needs to keep her mouth shut. She’s so overrated. Friends is finished Jen and you’re done!

Comment by Anonymous

IT’S Called Sarcasm Jeeez. Hey maybe someone’s finally offering her a job. Lets hope she’s been taking acting lessons cause im so sick of the rachel. Bitch should get an acting couch. Body looks good though no comment on the face although i will say it looks a little less manly these days good job Aniston.

Comment by Vince Vaughn

i hate maniston…she needs to stop whining about her failed relationship & get a saw off that chin.
it’s sad she had to hook up with vince after brad…not that brad is super hot, but hell, he ain’t bloated, greasy vince.

Comment by sarah

Yeah i meant coach LOL.

Comment by Vince Vaughn

Jen looks great. I like her & I think she is just trying to be honest. She gets asked these same questions over & over & I think this is her only way of getting HER diggs in.

Comment by spinner

No offense thats not getting her digs in thats beating an already dead horse to death. HeLL after two years she should really just continue to workout and tan and forget about all that other shit.

Comment by Vince Vaughn

People are idiotic if they think she is the one who is keeping this shit alive in the tabloids. Pleeeeeaaase. Even if she was devastated by the divorce (most people are) I really do not believe one word of the whole “she wants another chance”. Why? She has been there done that and moved the fuck on. I am sick of reading about these three people and their “love” triangle. Ok, I am done. 🙂

Comment by my2cents

^I agree. What ‘close friend’ of Jen anyway? Unless I hear it from the horse’s mouth, I wont believe it. Don’t the tabloids ever get tired of rehashing the same story? Is it that slow of a gossip week for them? I wish we could read Jen and Brangelina posts that don’t mention the other, for once. I really think that all three have moved on… the constant tabloid BS with the ‘love triangle’ only feeds the ridiculous ‘Team blah blah’.

Comment by Aysla

I love JA. I don’t know what it is, but no matter what bad things I read about her, I just put my hands over my ears and say La La La, I just don’t believe it.

Comment by lolly

She didn’t say anything, the tabs are rehashing old crap to sell papers, and the fact that there are people stupid enough to believe it is ridiculous.

Comment by no

She sure is a nipply one, isn’t she?

Comment by Anonymous

No one can possibly believe this crap can they? Get real willya! She no more said that swill than I’m going to be president of the USA in 2 yrs. That Aussie tab is worse than any UK one and you’ve gotta know that isn’t saying much.

Comment by Trinidad

^^forgot to say that btw, I am not a liker of anything Jennifer Aniston, but come on, that story has tabloid trash doodie wipe smelling up to heaven written all over it.

Comment by Trinidad

Does she ever wear ANYTHING other than jeans and a tee shirt?

Comment by starr


Comment by starr

what a crappy story! move on people! enough!

Comment by carlett

She sure looks better then skeltor AJ, that’s for sure, what a body. And whoever calls her ‘manly’ is fat and jealous, period. Brad one day will wake up with 10 3rd world kids and then walk the hell out, wait…in time.

Comment by diana

This is soooo not true.

Comment by Agustina

I call bullshit too….I wish the tabloids would move on from this crap. Jen has enough money- she doesn’t need this kind of attention.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Lalalalalala Jen is just the best and hotter than Angelina Bitch Jolie!!!

Comment by Heyyyy

diana – skeltor?

Comment by starr

i’m from australia, and i can tell you that magazine is full of crap. very unreliable source. those quotes are definitely made up.

Comment by sigh

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