April 10, 2007, 2:58 pm
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‘Perfect Stranger’ star Halle Berry shows off her bodacious body while opening up about life, work the media in the May issue of Esquire magazine. 

In her sitdown interview with Tom Chiarella, the Oscar-winner, who claims this interview will be her last, tells the magazine she’s looking forward to “no more pressure to come up with an excuse as to why I don’t have a baby at 40, and finally, no more giving a magazine the power to paint a portrait of me that was just not true.”


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The big 4-0 LOVES HER!

Comment by Ella

she’s never giving an interview again? yeah right.

Comment by Grace

1 word… DAMN! i;m 40 and look nothing like that…bummer!

Comment by dottcomm1

I can’t believe THAT is what 40 can look like.

Comment by Anonymous

Beyonce? Is that you?

Comment by chelseah

She is so GORGEOUS! I completely envy her body too… nice butt, nice boobs. Hot pictures!

Comment by Aysla

That was quite an interesting article/interview/read! Definitely something that should be read in the actual magazine though, cuz the lay out with the scans makes it confusing, but it was neat the way they flipped it and she was the interviewer!

Comment by lolly

Whoa Halle! Damn…I never thought a whole lot of her. Yeah, she’s pretty. But now, DAMN! I’d switch teams for her!

Comment by starr

Halle looks amazing! I envy her so much!

Comment by Agustina

She really does look amazing!! And it’s all because her hair is pulled back and it looks like it is shorter. Apparently she has to shave her head for a new movie so hopefully that means she will go back to her shorter do. It was soo hot and unique on her and her long hair is just blah

Comment by Stephi

Wow. Look at those boobs.

Comment by Celebwaste

She’s pretty, but a mediocre actress…and what’s with the spanx in the last pic?

Comment by Snrub

she’s beautiful and that was a great read, not the ‘typical’ interview.

Comment by EAT IT

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