April 10, 2007, 4:27 pm
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Speculation surrounding Victoria Beckham‘s diminishing waistline has reached a boiling point and now comes news that she’s using alcohol to build an appetite.

According to a friend quoted in Closer magazine, Posh’s stomach has shrunk so much, she now needs to drink to “get the munchies” before she can eat.

Speaking about Victoria’s disappearing size 4 frame, a friend said: “She has no appetite whatsoever because her stomach has shrunk so much. The reason that she has been seen drinking is she has completely lost her appetite. If she has a glass of wine or two then she gets the munchies like everyone else gets when they’re on a night out drinking.”

I guess that explains Posh’s worse-for-wear appearance following that recent boozy night out in Mayfair with P Diddy and hubby David.


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Nothing wrong with a couple glasses of wine before dinner. If that’s what works for Posh…so be it. Kind of sick though to think that she has starved herself to the point where she doesn’t even get hungry any more.

Comment by spinner

I’m just so surprised that she was able to have so many healthy pregnancies.

Comment by Anonymous

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Posh has no appetite because,
David ____ ____ women.

Comment by B :)

Size 4? Size 4 my ass, I’m a 4 and she’s half my size. Maybe in Europe…but those sizes are all jacked anyway…

Comment by DB

She’s a British size 4, U.S size 0

Europeans sizes are not ‘jacked’. She doesn’t wear ugly american designers so really U.S sizes don’t matter to anyone with style.

Comment by Zara

she should try kiki’s plan and smoke! helped me put on 30+ pounds in college. 😉

Comment by dottcomm1

um, I thought alcohol was an appetite suppressant??!

Comment by lolly

I know why the comments feel so impersonal, it’s cuz we’re all in our own little boxes!

Comment by lolly

[…] Does Victoria Becham Have To Get Drunk To Eat? – FYB […]

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lolly!!! You are so right on. That’s it…separated in our little boxes.


Comment by spinner

She should smoke weed…

Comment by starr

lolly – you’re right! I don’t like this new stuff…Hopefully the new site design will be better than this temporary one…it sucks arse…

Comment by starr

All of her weight has gone to her boobs. Is it me or are they getting bigger and bigger?

Comment by 4PetesSake

^those are called implants, so they don’t count as weight that could be gained though eating

Comment by me

^Yes, but they’re still getting bigger! Must be the proportions now are so out of whack. Her implants must weigh enough to throw her out of balance.

Comment by 4PetesSake

i think she always looks fantastic. hi, she is the only spice girl who has come out of tacky pop-stardom with any class.

Comment by nicole

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