April 10, 2007, 7:48 pm
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Moments ago, Larry Birkhead proudly walked out of the Bahamian court house and declared, “I am the father!”

After, Dr. Michael Baird stepped out and stated that Larry is “essentially he is the biological father” with a probability of paternity of 99.9999%.

Yay for Team Larry.

Now let’s focus on what a vile and disgusting creature Howard K. Stern is.

UPDATE: After Anna’s mother Virgie Hart made a short statement, she was asked whether she would try to obtain shared custody of Dannielynn with Birkhead.  Her response: “I just want to be a grandmother.”  Uh-huh.  Only time will tell…..


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OH THANK GOD. at least the poor baby will have a chance at some kind of a normal life!!! this makes me SOOOO happy 🙂

Comment by kali

Well alrighty then! The baby looks so much like Larry I knew it couldn’t be Howards’.

It’s so sad that Howard KNEW that Larry was the father and yet he wanted to keep that precious child away from her dad. It speaks volumn on that sonofabitch.

Now go get your child Larry and raise her right!

Comment by OhHellNo!

Lawyers just announced the judge has made a ruling on who gets custody of Dannilynn, despite the fact that Larry Birkhead is the biological father.

let the games begin!

Comment by dottcomm1

How sick if Larry doesn’t get custody!

Comment by Pole

It’s about time! Let’s hope the judge does the right thing and awards custody to Larry.

Comment by she


Comment by Ice Queen

It’s sad that I can count on CNN to have live coverage of this crappy soap opera.

Comment by Gidget

Who did not know that this man was the Father? That baby is like his twin. I know that he was trying to be the Father before she died but I really hope that this is not all about $$. That child will have people on it the rest of her life trying to get a piece of that $$.

Comment by my2cents

that is one UGLY photoshop job.

Comment by yaz

Oh hell no is so right. How evil for Howard to pretend he was the babys father. Evil bastard…he was trying to steal her…and that whole thing about him getting “married to Anna” in a few weeks..was complete crap. Larry, Take the baby & run!

Comment by lola lola

what’s even sadder is that it took her death to get this all over with. is quoting HK$ saying he’ll not fight for custody and will ensure birkhead gets sole custody…

Comment by krissa

people…note: there’s no verdict on the money. the baby may or may not get it. it’s still in a judge’s hands.

Comment by dottcomm1

my god, Howard K. Stern killed both Daniel and Anna Nicole for nothing!

Comment by LA whore

Birkhead better not let Virgie near that baby! And Stern is not a vile human being. And stop saying he’s a killer, jeez!!!

Comment by lolly

The baby should be with who the mother wanted her to be, and that’s NOT with Birkhead, obviously!!

Comment by lolly

Although the whole thing is just one big trashy mess I think that Larry seems like a fairly decent kinda guy and will be a good father to Dannielynn. Hopefully he will gain full custody and just slip off quietly and raise her without all the publicity that she has had to endure throughout her early years.

Comment by Stephi

I feel sorry for that baby… surrounded by so many losers. I hope any money willed to the child is held in a trust, so nobody can touch it. If Larry wants to be a daddy, he should pay for everything himself.

Comment by sahsa

Anna obviously only kept people around who fueled her habits. Howard had prescriptions in his name that he gave to her. Maybe she didn’t want Larry around because he did not approve of her drug use, especially while pregnant and raising his child.

Comment by T

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