April 10, 2007, 1:43 pm
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It looks like Britney Spears is taking a page from Eva Longoria‘s playbook by reportedly having fallen hard and fast for basketball pro Luke Walton.

As we reported yesterday, speculation is rife that Britney is dating Luke, son of basketball legend Bill Walton.

A source revealed that her new beau was one of the reasons the songstress has been spotted so often at a Lakers’ game in the recent weeks.

“Britney is certainly sports-mad since dating Luke. She even chants his name when the rest of the fans do. Her face lights up when she sees him do well. She’s really fallen for him,” the Daily Mirror quoted the source, as saying.

The starlet’s pals are said to be thrilled she’s hooked up with Luke and think it might be just the thing to help her bounce back after her recent stint in rehab.

An insider said: “This is just what Britney needs. A career-driven man to keep her on the straight and narrow – not someone that she has to support. It’s early days yet but she’s happy.”

But don’t go planning a wedding shower any time soon — Luke isn’t the first man Britters has been linked to lately.

The 25-year-old was also rumoured to be stepping out with singers Jason Filyaw and Howie Day – who have have a combined police record that only a crook could admire.


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oh, please…what crap.

she looks scary with blue eyes- looks wrong on her.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I just want her to go away forever. Is there some sort of fund that I can contribute to so that this can happen?

Oh and I hope that Luke tells her to take her diseased meat curtains elsewhere.

Comment by yeahso?

with the blue contacts and that wig, she kind’ve looks like johnny depp as willy wonka.

Comment by april

Don’t you think it should be confirmed that they are a couple before you start calling him her beau? Just because she’s crushing and attends games doesn’t mean the man is willing to board that train wreck.

Comment by audrey

Three years ago I would have said that Luke Walton would only hit it and quit it, but now I don’t even think he’d be interested in that, let alone a relationship with her. He is a pro athlete for the LAKERS which means he has his pick of pretty much any beautiful woman in California. Why does he need with a coke sniffing, coochie flashing unfit single mother? Puh-leaze.

Comment by Ice Queen

wow this reeks of shit! I also heard she is dating the zipper guy on 42nd street… and the guy that cleans windows in mexico and everyone in France!

Comment by Anonymous

He is WAY too good for her.

Comment by Anonymous

This is an effing publicity ploy if ever I saw one; I caught Inside Edition & Entertainment Tonight last night; both of them played up the fact that on his bio he says his mother is his hero for raising 4 boys, and besides playing b-ball, he wants to help underprivledged kids.

FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!! This dum dum head needs to go back to the country and stay there for good.

Comment by lolly

why does every picture of her in the past year show some kind of food stain or spill on her clothes? she also needs to start wearing a bra, but I’m sure that’s hoping for too much. this girl has no class whatsoever.

Comment by 4PetesSake

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