April 10, 2007, 4:12 pm
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Dude certainly does not look like a lady.



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Can you imagine how many ladies have seen that thing? Gross.

Comment by my2cents

WEEEEEEEE!!!! He’s just givin his pee pee some air.

Comment by spinner

Gross. Maybe he was picking lint off of it???

Comment by Me

not much to look at. and boy…he is gross! look at that nasty chest. what’s he doing wearing a speedo??

Comment by dottcomm1

i’m kinda scared to click the picture. had to check out the comments first, but you guys are no help!

Comment by lolly

awe, how cute! he’s just saying hello to the lil fella

Comment by lolly

Say hello to Aerosmith Jr. He’s shy and quite small, yes… but it’s more important to focus on the bonding experience people! 😉

lolly! Glad to have you back =)

Comment by Aysla

and to be precise….he’s circumcised.

Comment by carlett

Hi Aysla & carlett! :O)

Comment by lolly

boys are so funny- they don’t need a reason to play with themselves. teehee

Comment by SAS

I have zero desire to click this photo! Who wants to see some 60 year old peen from under a speedo of all things!! EWWWW

Comment by Stephi

That is one old and unimpressive weiner. Ewwwwwww.

Comment by just askin'

that weiner has worked overtime for DECADES. It’s TIRED.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Why is it that most dinosaurs of Rock are disgusting?

Comment by DIC Celebrity Gossip

that thing created liv tyler. how?

Comment by sigh

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