April 10, 2007, 4:51 pm
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Paris Hilton, her wonky right eye (see below) and her sidekick Nicole Richie join forces today for an all-day press junket promoting the fifth season of their lame-ass reality show, ‘The Simple Life.’

Paris looks like a tranny and Nicole looks like a fat drug addict. 

There — I said it.


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It seems really really fucked up to call Nicole fat. Since she is a stick you have basically called the vast majority of your readers fat. Fuck you.

Comment by Anonymous

Nicole … fat? Can’t say I agree with that one.

Comment by Brandy

nicole is gorgeous!

Comment by hrvatica

i think they both look gorgeous here….hate to say it cuz im not a huge fan of paris but i do love nicole and they are HILARIOUS together on that show.

Comment by Anonymous

nicole looks tired… it’s in her eyes. the lifestyle they live takes a toll on your body and soul. (drug lifestyle that is)

Comment by alice/malice

Ugh, they’re still doing that show??

Wow, i guess they’re 15 minutes are finally up.

There hasn’t been much of Paris in the press and rightfully so! Thank God.

Comment by dana

i usually love nicole but she looks beat & yes slightly overweight. not her usual fab, skinny self…

Comment by sarah

Arasto’s comments were tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic, so don’t take it seriously people ;). It’s obvious Nicole is anything BUT fat- she could still do with a few more pounds on her.

Anyway, I don’t like Paris & Nicole. They’re annoying.

Comment by Aysla

to call nicole fat…i hope you’re kidding! how is she ever supposed to look healthy again with people like you around. totally disappointed arasto.

Comment by cupcake

OK, I meant bloated. 🙂

Comment by fadedyouthblog


Comment by BettY

I think Nicole looks cute. Paris, bleh.

Comment by Ice Queen

I love Nicole but aside from the outfit and nice hair, she looks tired and bloated. Paris actuall looks good for once.

Geez, I can’t believe I said that. Maybe I should go lay down…..

Comment by fadedyouthblog

why are you now saying that paris looks good when you just said she looked like a tranny? stop digging for bad stuff to say about them. neither of them have done anything to hurt you in any particular way,let alone even know who you are. leave them alone, theyre stunning and (whether you believe they have talent or not) theyre at least making their own money instead of spongeing completely off of their parents. People get the wrong impression of them. It bothers me.

Comment by leela fashionista

can’t they get their nails done every now and then??

Comment by dottcomm1

I think they both look like shit.

Comment by Aysla

Hate Paris. Love Nicole.

Comment by Anonymous

I liked it better when there were no posts about these two. Can we go back to that?

Comment by audrey

haha nicole TOTALLY STOLE RACHEL ZOE’S LOOK! oh and mannerisms…i know no one knows what zoes mannerisms are like but trust me she EVEN SPEAKS JUST LIKE HER! yeah, and her eyes are dead from all the ADDERALL

Comment by anon

nicole doesn’t look fat, but she sure looks hella beat. those lines under her eyes. she looks like she’s high on heroin. and she’s so skinny, she has lines, like parentheses (sp?) around her mouth, just like rachel zoe, only she’s like twenty years older than nicole. i think nicole’s heading for the grave if she doesn’t manage to pull herself up by her bootstraps.

Comment by lulu

Does this lame show still exist? God…

Comment by Agustina

I think they both look great here! Nicole is just right at the weight she is at, I don’t think she needs to gain any more. I’m not too sure about the fringe on her though, it doesn’t really flatter the shape of her face. I miss her boho hair!
I can’t wait til the simple life…it’s one of my guily pleasures along with girls next door!

Comment by Stephi

Why does that not shock me Stephi? Sometimes you come off as the biggest space cadet dingbat! This show is so fucking stupid. The first season was the only time it was funny.
Not that I have watched the past 3….lol…I wouldn’t give these two bitches 30 minutes of my time.

they are both serious drug addicts.

I liked Nicole’s hair much better short….or long and dark.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Stephi…Nicole hasn’t gained any weight. She is just as skinny as she was the last time we saw her…she is just covering it better. And yeah you do come across as a space cadet when it comes to either of these two evil witches you seem to idolize beyond comprhension.

Comment by audrey

Nice to see how quickly people judge on here. I don’t idolise Paris and Nicole at all, but I enjoy what they have to offer and thats just a bit of mindless entertainment. I certainly don’t think the Simple Life is quality tv but it is something thats just fun and easy to watch on a night in. You guys need to just get over it and stop caring so much about who I like and who I don’t. If you don’t like them good for you I don’t attack anyone on here for their opinions so don’t attack me for mine.

Comment by Stephi

cmon guys no one gets as much crap here as stephi on a regular basis and yet gotta give her credit for sticking to her guns and being nice about it.

we’ve all got our guilty pleasures and hers happens to be trashy blondes. Name-calling is not going to change that- it only makes you look like a bully.

Kindergarten teacher out. LOL.

Comment by SAS

Stephi, I don’t think you idolize Paris and Nicole, but I have tos ay, when I read your posts, the “reading” voice in my head goes up about 3 octaves….lol. (and I did say “sometimes” about being a space cadet)

The “guilty pleasure” that some people have is what keeps this kind of CRAP on TV- I guess I’m just frustrated and would love to see this era of programming come to a close….

have a great day sweetie, and I apologize if I offended you.

Comment by parissucksliterally

I’m a big fan of Nicole Richie, but i think they both look awful here. Paris always looks like frankenstien but nicole just doesnt seem to be too photogenic at times. like this time.

Comment by nicole

The people who say mean things about them are just jealous and pathetic. I mean, you all say you hate them and this and that, but WHY are you still paying attention to them.. WHY are you posting comments about them? If you hate them that much, just get off here and leave them alone!
I love them and I can’t wait till the next season airs!

Comment by Steven Hilton

nicole looks haggard…definitly looks like shes using something and paris looks OK…i wish she would take out those damn contacts though…must be a pain in the ass wearing those as much as she does…seriously i have NEVER seen her without them in years

Comment by Anonymous

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