April 10, 2007, 5:13 pm
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Perrenial party princess LINDSAY LOHAN kept her slinky mini-dress under wrap in a sexy Dolce & Gabbana trench coat at a recent charity event in New York City.  Meanwhile, Aussie songbird KYLIE MINOGUE donned the ultra chic cover during an afternoon out with a close pal in London. 


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I love it on both of them.

Comment by Shoe_freak

Lindsay–dur!! she is a skanky slut whore but she rocks it so much better than pale, ratty haired kylie. (Ps i wish it was the other way round!!!)

Comment by gorjiss

Kylie definetly looks better. The collar is so busy that your hair should be short or up when you wear it.

Comment by Truly

Kylie! Lindsay looks stumpy — could be the angle of the camera, but Kylie definitely has the legs for it.

Comment by 4PetesSake

Lindsay – because she has the collar down flat and it isn’t all wrinkled in the top half. It just looks like it doesn’t fit Kylie properly.

Comment by Gidget

Kylie… although I don’t like the fussy collar- but it’s not her, it’s the dress/coat. I agree about the short hair.

I think this kind of dress would look better on a tall person though, ala Giselle or N.Kidman.

Comment by Aysla

Kylie for sure!
but Lindsay looks good too.

Comment by Sarah

Kylie, of course… BTW, are they wearing the same shoes as well?

Comment by Simon

Kylie… go home skanky Lilo

Comment by Nicole

definitely kylie. lindsay looks really bad here.

Comment by SAS

I think they both look Fab…

Comment by happy

Both look good in it.

Comment by Agustina

Lindsay looks sooo much hotter when she is covering up!! She definately wins it for me. Kylie looks like a rumpled mess and the coat looks kinda shiny and cheap looking on her for some reason.

Comment by Stephi


Comment by parissucksliterally

Kylie, most definitely. LiLo looks schlumpy, like she just rolled out of bed. Kylie looks bright, lively, and perky. The popped collar and pushed-up sleeves are nice touches.

Comment by just askin'

Lindsay actually wins this time!
Kylie looks cute, but Lindsay looks sexy and sophisticated.

Comment by Emma

LINDSAY, she looks more neat here than kylie. Kylie’s trench looks all wrinkled

Comment by jpy

Kylie babehhh

Comment by June

LINDSAY…kylie looks insane

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by sigh

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