April 11, 2007, 3:22 pm
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were out on a romantic date sans baby Suri last night.

Formally attired in black the couple had dinner at Maetro’s Steak House in Beverly Hills, CA. However, the dinner wasn’t the highlight of the date. The classic Corvette in which Tom drove his lady love was! It was undoubtedly a better way of showing his love for Katie as opposed to jumping on the sofa on national television.

What do you think folks? Much as you may despise him you need to concede this one to him!



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NEITHER looks happy at all.

i guess he lost the man boobs or they are hidden.

Comment by Lilly

Yeah…they look miserable. I give it until Memorial Day before they announce “seperation”

Comment by the voice

car or not, he’s still an asshole.

Comment by dottcomm1

I would LOVE to hear the conversation in that car. What do u think they talk about when nobody is around? They are just so strange to me I can’t see them just having a normal conversation for some reason.

Comment by my2cents

Why would a nice car make me like him? Arasto…what’s happened? Are you losing it? I hope the site gets back to its original “glory”…it’s falling dangerously close to the sucky side at the moment…

Comment by starr

Strange couple indeed. It seems like only yesterday when Tom was THE mega super-star & heart-throb. Now, he is considered a joke with money. My…how things have changed.

Comment by spinner

Katie’s face looks almost haggard – I hope she ate something. They do look miserable. The car is beautiful! I think maybe Arasto meant that Tom has decent taste in “property”. Katie’s kinda cute and the car is absolutely gorgeous! I still dispise him.

Comment by candyapple

what is with the vests??? it makes Tom look even heavier!!

Comment by Kathy

That looks like Maria Shriver in that car.

Comment by Ice Queen

Um, that’s gotta be one teensy weensy car since it makes Tom look positively TALL.

Comment by Me

The top of the car is too low for Katie. I bet she has to slouch quite a bit. Anyway… I remember that too spinner. I used to LOVE him and all of my friends (and their mothers) used to think he was pretty hot. Oh how the mighty have fallen… no one takes him seriously anymore. Katie looks like she might have lost too much weight; her face is gaunt.

Comment by Aysla

I think Tom dresses weird too. The three-piece suit is really boring, especially on him. It makes him look pretty stout and portly. The vest just draws more attention to his midsection.

Comment by Aysla

He seems to be on some sort of ‘I smack of class’ campaign lately… whatever it is, it is totally weird for me to see him behind the wheel of a car. It’s like… normal. And we all know that ain’t it…

Comment by whatever

Wow – you all are so brainwashed by Access Hollywood or something.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

dude and dudess look like an old couple now. always same clothes, same attitude and same Maestro’s resto date every time!! dah! Scientology is getting on them real bad!

Comment by carlett

i think he’s in a booster seat!

i agree with whatever; whats with the three piece suit thing he’s had since being with katie. i think they take the ‘hollywood royalty’ thing waaay to seriously.

Comment by SAS

how much does she look like posh with that crazed expression and sunken in cheeks….ewwwww

Comment by erin

ok, NO ONE can convince me Katie didn’t have a nose job. LOOK at her!

Comment by parissucksliterally

I saw the video of this outing and they looked very happy and smiled a lot and Tom signed a bunch of autographs and then they got in the car and it wouldn’t start! It took awhile with the photogs rooting them on and them looking worried and then it finally started.

Comment by S

Of Course their are in a convertible. All the better for show.

Comment by TellMeMore

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