April 11, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Lucky Halle Berry was sandwiched between two of her favourite leading men last night when she attended the New York premiere of ‘Perfect Stranger.’ The Oscar winner, who last week received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, not only had her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry at her side but also her hunky co-star Bruce Willis.

Next up for heavenly Halle? She’s set to play a woman who shaves her head to embrace her inner beauty in ‘Happily Ever After.’ But after ‘Good Morning America’ mocked-up what she’d look like with no hair, she says she’s considering faking it. “Now maybe I’ll wear a cap,” she said. “I’m going to have to re-think this.”

For a woman who went 10 days without showering or brushing her teeth in order to play a crack addict in ‘Jungle Fever’, we’re thinking a new hair ‘do isn’t too much to ask for from a dedicated thespian such as Halle.

Christy Turlington and Ed Norton were among the stars who turned out to catch the thriller, in which Halle plays an undercover journalist investigating the murder of her best friend.


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Don’t know why but I just ain’t feeling Halle’s hairstyle like that. Her short doo was kicking on her and so unique and signature. I hope she goes back to it. HEr guy is ummmmm.

Comment by Trinidad

Gabriel is HOT HOT HOT

and Turlington is HOT HOT HOT

Comment by LA whore

Actor Ed Burns & model wife should go on a double date with actress Halle Berry & model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

Now that’s eye candy!

Comment by BJ

Arasto, I love your site, really I do, but it’s really distracting when you name the wrong people or spell people’s names incorrectly. That’s ED BURNS, Christy Turlington’s HUSBAND. It doesn’t take much to either check your facts and/or your spelling. Please try to make more of an effort, but I’ll still love the site regardless.

Comment by Kat

Halle looks absolutely gorgeous and her man (sigh) truly a hunk of a man!

Comment by OhHellNo!

lol ‘Ed Norton’…

Anyway, I think Halle should go for it. She has really feminine features so she can totally pull it off… and it’s also a good incentive to go back to that short hairstyle we all love :D.

Comment by Aysla

ed burns

Comment by Anonymous

Her hair reminds me of Sandra Bullock. She’s still beautiful. Bitch can go bald and still be prettier than most people.
And her boyfriend…WOW! YUMMY!!

Comment by that girl

Christy has one of those “scary” craved up looking nose jobs. Hallie is drop dead beauitiful and classy. i love the way she carries herself…so modust.

Comment by Miss

is halle wearing versace???
im sure she is!!

Comment by cameron

That ain’t Ed Norton. Thank goodness.

Comment by a day late

is it me or does gabriel bare an uncanny resemblance to sawyer from LOST hmm?

Comment by chachadiva

It’s actually a movie titled “Nappily Ever After”

Comment by msc

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