April 11, 2007, 8:02 pm
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All aboard! Donna Hogan, Anna Nicole Smith’s half-sister (same dad) does a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose (without the subway gust of wind) while promoting her new book ‘Train Wreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Wow. Let’s give the girl props. She must have written this really fast. And just think of all the research she had to do since she hadn’t even seen her troubled sister for ten years.

Hey, does a preference for peroxide run in families, like a dominant genetic trait?


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I just saw her on Dr. Phil…money-hungry bitch!

Comment by Anonymous

I think she started writing the book before Anna died.
And, for someone who obviously hated their sister she sure is trying hard to look like her.
I smell attention whore. STUPID BITCH!

Comment by That girl

I really don’t think anyone will care to read this. There really is nothing that she could come up with that the media has not already exploited. She is trash for writing about her sister that she didn’t even get along with.

Comment by my2cents

The book was already done, but they did move up the release date after Anna Nicole’s death.

Comment by Liz

Writing a tell all book and going on Dr Phil to talk about your dead half sister that you hardly know is such a white trash sorta thing to do. I bet she didn’t even look like this until she wrote the book…she’s just preoxided her hair so she looks more like Anna and gets more attention. This kinda stuff makes me feel sick.

Comment by Stephi

I hope her book flops. I doubt the public will like this much…

Comment by Anony

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