April 11, 2007, 1:17 am
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Britney Spears was spotted in Las Vegas yesterday. Whether she was there for her new album or for liposuction at Advanced Lipo Dissolve center is anyone’s guess. Heck, it could well be for both.

“Britney dined at Nobu, inside the Hard Rock Hotel Monday night a little before 7 p.m.,” a source told Star. “She was wearing an auburn bob, straw cowboy hat and sunglasses, and dined with a girlfriend discretely in the corner of the restaurant. After nearly half an hour, she took the rest of her dinner to go and left the restaurant.”

The newly rehabilitated pop tart last visited Vegas last Sunday. During that visit she was briefly spotted at TAO with two unidentified friends munching on veggie dumplings and washing them down with some Pepsi.

Once vice at a time, Britney. Drugs and booze down, surgary carbonated drinks to go.


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I am SO looking forward to the day I flip on VHI and they’re showing the “Whatever Happened to Britney Spears?” hour long special.

Comment by lolly

^ ^ LOL i wish! unfortunately the way she’s been going i think she’ll die early and we’ll be treated to the britney spears movie.

Comment by SAS

Do they have rehab to stop making stupid faces? Cause you know she should go. That pout..not cute on a grown woman.

Comment by audrey

Seriously, i feel bad for her. Sometimes its hard for certain people to get over an addiction and i talking about any type of addiction. I think she isnt taking herself seriously.

Everyone makes mistakes and not everyone makes them infront of the public eye.

AND i am not anywhere near a britney fan but i know how hard it is to put your act together.. only if we could all have a second chance!!

Comment by Meee!!!

she is delusional….just surrounds herself with people who will “yes” her all the time.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Does she ever spend time with her fucking kids?

Comment by Snrub

I wonder how long her real hair is by now.

Comment by Anony

Where are pictures??And she didn’t has a liposucton for god sake!She lost weight in rehab..
And..She IS with kids,because she don’t want to
show them doesn’t mean she is not with them.I would the same thing.Because of the paparazzi.

Comment by Koki

No, she really did have that laser lipo shit done. And her real hair is probably half and inch long by now, and I agree she DEF needs to stop making those retarded faces. did you see her in the store? she stuck her tongue out like she was trying to get the last of the pushup pop off the plastic. and you *know* she thought it was cute.

Comment by lolly

there’s the pics

Comment by lolly

lolly:Lipo Dissolve is not Liposuction..

Comment by Koki

Koki, I think you’re splitting hairs! She had a medical procedure done to eliminate fat from her body. If it was done by suction or by dissolve, what’s the difference? It’s still cheating.

Comment by lolly

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