April 11, 2007, 2:08 pm
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Kelly Ripa looks smokin’ hot in a red bikini on the cover of Shape magazine and her belly button is clearly an innie. However, Kelly has talked for years about having a huge outie.

It’s so big, she joked on ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ that it gets caught in her zipper. She gave fill-in co-host Martin Short a peek and he said it was so big it “has its own makeup and hair people.”

But it’s not there on the cover of Shape. Kelly says she got defensive at first, but decided she doesn’t care that they airbrushed it out.

Our thoughts?  Have touch-ups gone too far when they’re essentially reshaping our bodies? 


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she looks fabulous!

Comment by parissucksliterally

HATE her…I hear she is a diva. Very rude. And she has the body of a 13yr old boy.

Comment by NOTaFAN

It’s pretty hard to complain about someone photoshopping your outie when they photoshopped the rest of your body to look like you have six-pack abs rather than skeleton bones. I find her to be beyond annoying.

Comment by kai

From my experience Kelly is very nice, and very real down to earth woman who did not play the diva role. She’s tiny, but except for when she was first on AMC, she has always been naturally thin. There ARE people who just aren’t large & in charge and it ain’t because they got some eating disorder.

Comment by Trinidad

^Really? I never took her for the diva type. Must be nice to make millions a year to work 2 hours a day! Her body looks very toned but I agree she looks like a teenage boy.

Comment by my2cents

She looks great, but I do not know of ANY woman who has had 3 kids get that small and NOT have any extra skin hanging. Either she’s had a tummy tuck or a freak of nature.

Comment by Jen

arasto when did you start with the “we” and “us” and “our” commentary? You’re sounding rather like Perez these days. :/

Comment by no

that’s a terrible photoshop job; her panties look drawn on on the front! like they’re just hovering.

Comment by lolly

hey, “no” person, Arasto has always used “our” as in talking to us READERS, what are “our” thoughts, not the same way perez does it, when he means him and himself. back off Arasto!!

Comment by lolly


My two best friends are I guess freaks of nature since both of them look like they never did have kids. One has 3 and the other 2 but their tummy’s are tight as a drum just like their bums. Me? I’m thin but I lost tone, and I got a pooch tum.

Comment by Trinidad

I think it is a great cover – they are always “touched up” in some regard. I’ve seen candid photos of Kelly in a swimsuit and although maybe not as great as appears here, she does have an awesome bod.

Comment by candyapple

the white strip in this particular shot covers it up, but if you see the full page, the panties look WAY off. terrible photoshop.

Comment by lolly


Comment by dlc

I love Kelly!!! She’s such a cutie and she looks fantastic for her age, whether she is airbrushed or not. Definately a MILF!!
I wish people would just get over the airbrushing thing. Even the hottest models are airbrushed because the reality is that perfection sells, especially to guys.

Comment by Stephi

I’m glad she hasn’t found the need to have a boob job.

Comment by Anony

Awesome!! She looks fit, healthy and strong!…and so what if the pics have been airbrushed…there have been plenty of previous candid shots of Kelly where anyone that works out can tell that she is fit!! And in reference to the…13yr old boy comment …she just doesnt have any “FAT” on her body. She looks fabulous….shows alot of hard work! You go Kelly!!

Comment by Sonia

kelly has become my new role model, she’s beautiful and inspiring. I love the way she looks because commonly that’s how most small girls look these days and they find the need for breast implants for more curves. But Kelly has already shown us that as little as you are you can still be sexy with what you got!
“You Go Kelly, I know that they’re people who can find rude things to say about your image but in all truth, they’d blush if you were standing in front of them in your bikini!”

Comment by lindsey hurst

kelly ripa i think you have nice kids
i think you are a wonderful mother to those kids
i think you are a beautiful mother and inspining you
go girl

Comment by ashley

What precisely truly inspired u to publish “KELLY RIPA DOES SHAPE ”?
I reallycertainly appreciated the blog post! Thanks for your
effort ,Roberto

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