April 11, 2007, 1:34 pm
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It looks like unlucky in love bombshell, Pamela Anderson, is sticking to the motto, ‘when you don’t succeed try, try and try again’…with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The on-off couple look to have put the bad blood behind them, after playing happy families with their two children on the beach in Hawaii.

The Canadian bombshell basked her famous assets in the Hawaii sunshine, as her badboy ex-husband showed off his huge…..tattoos. What exactly did you think I was going to say?


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Tommy Lee looks like he is morphing into Keith Richards & Pam is turning into Courtney Love.

Comment by spinner

these 2 are so unhealthy….just look at them!

Comment by parissucksliterally

i hate thoses tatts, so gross.

Comment by carlett

They are gross so they deserve each other. Didn’t he used to beat her? Didn’t she just say on her website recently that she was going to stay away from men and that he has been in and out of his children’s lives and she didn’t like it? She is so addicted to male attention she makes horrible decision concerning men.

Comment by my2cents

woah, tommy’s getting old man body, and pam’s gained a few, and needs a breast reduction. HA! they ARE morphing into keith richards and (i won’t use CL cuz she’s a murderer) & Victoria Rondstadt (sp?)

Comment by lolly

Already seen Tommy’s huge … tattoos. I saw a documentary on Tommy and he really doesn’t seem all that bad. I think children and a little jail time may have softened him a bit. Just sayin’.

Comment by candyapple

for however old she is that body looks damn good

Comment by Anonymous

Actually despite Pam’s hepatitus she is really healthy. She is a vegetarian and you can tell from her body and her skin that she looks after herself well. I’m so happy these too are back together…they may be bad for each other but they belong together! Hope it works out this time!

Comment by Stephi

i’ve seen interviews with tommy and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. he was very charismatic anyway.

i think in their earlier relationship they were both fucked up on drugs a lot which explains the behaviour a bit but are a bit more mature now with their kids in the picture.

i do think they make a good couple but i also think she’s an idiot for going back to a man that hit her and gave her hepatitis.

Comment by SAS

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