April 11, 2007, 4:17 pm
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‘American Idol’ hopeful Sanjaya Malakar was all smiles yesterday following last night’s taping of the hit karaoke show.

The East Indian heartthrob sang ‘Besame Mucho,’ which was remarkable because it was partly in español, and quite unbelievably, it was pretty OK. Celeb du jour Jennifer Lopez was impressed by him, which threw me for a loop, but he seems to charm the judges (or he’s paying them off, jury’s still out). To have J.Lo sing to you, wow. He really wasn’t half bad. Even Simon Cowell had something unmean to say. I didn’t say it wasn’t a backhanded compliment, but from Simon, that’s as good as gold. He said he didn’t understand a word, and that Sanjaya sung like a 14-year-old, “and I hate myself for saying it, it wasn’t horrible.” Score!


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bitch should’ve sang “JENNY FROM THE BLOCK”


Comment by LA whore

Of course JLo was impressed She can barely carry a tune herself.

Comment by Wacka Wacka

I wonder if the hair on his face is real or fake?? most men can’t grow facial hair that darned fast.. he probably doesn’t even have any pubes yet!
I hate him!

Comment by the voice

He’s going to win.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

This is gettin so ridiculous… I’m rooting 4 Chris Richardson.

Comment by Samantha Jones

bitch should’ve sang “JENNY FROM THE BLOCK”


Comment by LA whore 04.11.07

That would have been the greatest American Idol performance of all time lol!

Comment by Truly

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