April 11, 2007, 4:36 pm
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Paris Hilton unveiled the Paris Hilton Sportswear Collection created for her by Dollhouse during the Directives West L.A. Over Easy Fall 2007 Juniors & Girls Fashion Show yesterday in Los Angeles.

Proof positive that all that glitters is not gold.


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Tacky with a capital T.

Comment by lolly

she’s quite broadening, isn’t she? she is not going to age well. hee.

Comment by fume

Trashy with a capital T.

Comment by candyapple

^She does seem like she is getting broader. Probably the fact that she has never worked out a day in her life.

Comment by my2cents

she looks beautiful, AS ALWAYS

Comment by leela fashionista

Nice Camel toe sausage pants (puke)

Comment by Wacka Wacka

this is so unflattering on her…looks like shes gained some

Comment by Anonymous

She is so fugly. She should disappear.

Comment by Agustina

She doesn’t look too great here, kinda boring and noone really looks good in white pants. This whole look reminds me of Dynasty haha And as for how well she will age? She will probably end up looking just like her mom which is pretty good looking in my opinion!

Comment by Stephi

I told everyone she’s gained weight, and that’s why her boobs are bigger…here’s proof.

Paris will age just like Kathy- a TON of plastic surgery, until she’s an old fright.

Comment by parissucksliterally

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