April 12, 2007, 11:43 pm
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Holly Madison, the beautiful Playboy model and star of ‘The Girls Next Door’, has stripped down for a cause.

The blonde bombshell teamed up with PETA to create one of the sexiest ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ ads ever.

You can check out the ad and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the naked video shoot HERE.

Something tells me Holly doesn’t wear fur anywhere (if you know what I’m sayin’.)


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Comment by leela fashionista

im first and second. haha yeah well hollys beautiful and i love her

Comment by leela fashionista

no-one cares leela! what do you think of the peta shoot?

i think its a cute idea and it really works here. i didnt realise that they try to fit the theme with the model- or is this a one off sort of thing?

Comment by SAS

oh i didn’t see your second post with your actual opinion. apologies.

Comment by SAS

She’s perfect for Peta!
She really loves animals!

Comment by B :)

more like, “I’d rather go naked, because I’m a plastic whore”

she is so fucking lame!

Comment by parissucksliterally

when is she ever clothed anyway? Oh yea except her face thats clothed in botox and whatnot.

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

I love Holly!! I’ve met her before and she is just what she seems like on the show and she adores Hef. She actually turns down a lot of girls nights out, holidays etc so she can stay at the mansion with Hef.
I love that she has done PETA as well! Hot campaign!

Comment by Stephi

i hope this doesn’t sound too harsh or sarcastic, but let’s see, acting around a fan exactly how you act in front of a camera, hmmm, yep, sounds like you’d know the genuine side from that! :OP

Comment by lolly

She is an money grubbing whore, give me a break. She adores him my ass. That old bastard is going to kick off anyday and if she can get her ass pregnant here real soon she will be Mrs. Money Bags for life. She is playing her cards just right. She is not that attractive in the face to me but has a great body.

Comment by my2cents

“I’d rather go naked than wear fur”?
She’d probably rather go naked than to breathe.

Comment by Jacky C.

I can understand why you thought that lolly, but I met her in a pretty chilled out kinda environment and I wasn’t actually a fan when I met her…I only knew her as Hef’s girlfriend the first time I met her, not as one of the Girls Next Door.

Comment by Stephi

U’r all so provincial…

Comment by Samantha Jones

OMG, she’s got to be one of the fugliest bitches I’ve seen in my life. She’s much more butterface than Fergie.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

I have another one:

“i’d rather go naked, beacuse Hef spent too much $$$ on this body”

I agree with you my2cents…alll this loser chick wants is fame and Hef’s cash.

Comment by parissucksliterally

yeah hef did hook her up with the surgeries, have you seen pictures of her from back in early 2000s? not so pretty at all.

Comment by lolly

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