April 12, 2007, 4:01 pm
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Angie graces the May cover of British Cosmo

When it comes to grabbing a quick bite, Angelina Jolie prefers a Big Mac to the finest organic fare!

According to NY Post‘s Cindy Adams, the down to earth Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR did a photo shoot for Marie Claire in LA recently.

The crew assisting her, awed by her concerns about the general well-being of the world, ordered the finest organic lunch for her. When confronted with the chemical free cuisine, Angie immediately dispatched her assistant to fetch a Big Mac from an across the street McDonald’s that she had spotted on her way in!

Gorgeous, well-informed and she eats Mickey D’s?  This woman truly is perfect!


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i am not her fan, but i am glad she is eating, and screw organic food, she needs carbs and LOTS of crap food, so keep up Angelina

Comment by Pam

Love her! *swoon*

Comment by Anony

oh… I’m totally impressed.
that is a load of bs

Comment by tookie

love her but she real need to eat more

Comment by sam

What a pathetic PR ploy. Nothing about her is off the cuff. That woman is wasting away..IF she ate it, she probably threw it up later. She is trying to hard to combat the “st. angelina” backlash. Sorry gal, but you take yourself WAY to seriously.

Comment by lola lola

lola, i dont agree with you. didnt she ate Macdonalds in India when she was filming her movie?
maybe she just like the food, relax people sometimes is not PR,sometimes is just a hamburger.

Comment by jen

I have to admit, she does looks gorgeous in this picture, is so easy for her

Comment by Marcy

This photo is actually really old. About two years. It’s on the cover of one of my Aussie fashion magazines from March 2005, Shop til you Drop. Not too sure on the date but 100% certain about the picture because I went and bought the little top she was wearing straight after.
I just went and checked the mag and yes its the same shot, same makeup everything. So much for her bulking up!

Comment by Stephi

I love the comment on the bottom left of the magazine…

You must be a big fan! lol.

Comment by Jack

i think if she was really down to earth she wud’ve just eaten what they gave to her. the assissting people went out of their way to get those for her only to have her ask for something else!

Comment by bluebird

Sorry but I’m not a Micky D’s girl at all. I’m one of them pitiful Gardenburger with soy chedder girls but I ain’t mad at her lol.

Comment by Trinidad

relax people sometimes is not PR,sometimes is just a hamburger.

^^^by jen 04.12.07 @ 6:50 pm

LMAO! Loves it and so true. Good job jen.

Comment by Trinidad

harsh! the assistants went out of their way to prepare the finest organic stuff for her, and she just threw it back in their face and asked for a big mac instead. how rude!

Comment by sigh

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