April 12, 2007, 7:11 pm
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Ebony magazine has named Halle Berry the most powerful African-American woman in Hollywood on its annual list of the most influential black Americans.

The Oscar-winner was chosen for her eight-figure Hollywood paychecks, as well as her endeavors behind the camera, including the production of film and television projects. She’s currently producing ‘Mixed,’ a TV comedy about a mixed-race woman, and ‘Compositions In Black And White’ with Alicia Keys.

Halle tells the mag: “…I feel really powerful at 40 because I’ve finally GOT IT, I have finally realized that I’m complete all by myself. I don’t need a man.”


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She looks gorgeous! She seems like a nice person too.

Comment by Shoe_freak

The cover shot is not flattering at all…whoever shot that needs to be fired.

Comment by starr

I feel pervy looking at the cover shot, like I am TRYING to look up her skirt!

Comment by Me

her mother is white. i’m getting tired of her “speaking for all black women”. must make her mom feel like crap.

Comment by dottcomm1

p.s. – the angle (looking up) shows power. she’s standing above the reader. it also gives her greater stature.

Comment by dottcomm1

how convienent to forget the white side of herself when hawking Ebony…I agree with dottcomm

Comment by Kathy

Biracial people are half-white, but they’re considered black people by the black community. It’s not a big deal for us. Halle IS a black woman who happens to be half white.

She’s not denying her heritage, but she isn’t white. White on it’s own is a standard and not an ethnicity. If her mom is Irish-American, or Scottish American or a mix of all different types of European blood, then Halle is all of those things too.

I’m sure her mom understands that since she looks like a black person she feels more accepted by them. Halle has and always will be welcome on the cover of any black magazine as one of our own.

Comment by Truly

i can’t believe it took her 40 years to realise she can be ‘complete’ without a man. i feel sorry for those women.

Comment by SAS

Hm, she knows she can be complete without a man, but she’s still with one. She’s a moron.

Comment by 4.54

Why do White people throw a fit when Halle calls herself Black? Does she have a choice? If she said she was White Whites would tell her she isn’t and hey- isn’t that exactly what they did when they created that one drop rule? Anyone who is half White is never considered White.If you are half Asian and White you are considered Asian and the Asian community accepts you.If youa are half Hispanic and White you are again considered Hispaic.This is the way you all made it so why complain now?

Comment by Joanna

one day she calls her self black,the other day she calls her self biracial.I’ve seen her in many inteviews and the woman sounds confusing.why cant she just call her self biracial?beacause thats what she is.

Comment by chica

Halle has said in many interviews that her mother told her she was black as a young child. I have many biracial friends who say they are black and biracial they are not confused but the fact is there are many full black people who look like halle. there are no white people who look like halle. biracial people tend to relate with and deal with racial shit like their black, asian or whatever side. and besides let people decide who they are in the world 🙂

Comment by Cree

Didn’t she JUST tell a another magazine that that would be her last interview? Oh, whatevs.. SHe’s pretty.. I like her..

Comment by Emma

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