April 12, 2007, 2:18 am
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A day in tabloidville would simply not be complete without a daily dose of Britney Spears doing some image damage control via random shopping sprees in cute(ish) outfits.

This time it was aromatherapy store L’Occitane in Malibu in a linen Alice + Olivia dress.

Sure, she could use a stylist and a makeover at the MAC counter but it’s all about baby steps.  Keep up the good work, Brit!



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I didn’t know potato sack dresses were back in style.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

holy shit, she’s not wearing the boots!

Comment by chrissy

Well you’re obviously living under a rock maximum big surprise because everyone is wearing these kind of dresses especially Alice + Olivia.
Britney looks pretty good but she would look better with more natural makeup and I think its time she ditched the hats too!

Comment by Stephi

It could be a great dress. ( I don’t think it’s flattering to her body type though)

She had to go ahead and fuck up a cute dress with those shoes, heavy make-up and that stupid hat/wig combo (and an UGLY hat too)

she’s hopeless.

Comment by parissucksliterally

She looks like a box in that dress. She does not seem to have that self scrutiny that most women have that makes them not wear things unflattering to their bodies.

Comment by my2cents

yea i like the dress actually. and i even think the hat isn’t horrendous and i for one hate hats.

but very unfortunate choice of shoes and make up. yuck. and the bag looks a bit tacky as well. but this is better than i’ve seen her look in ages.

Comment by SAS

Nice dress..She looks good and happy.

Comment by Amanda

Yeah, maybe I am living under a rock – who’s Alice & Olivia??? Trendy or not, that is some fugly dress. You wouldn’t catch me wearing something that unflattering.

Comment by Maximum Big Surprise

Honestly! Couture or not, that dress is FUG!

Comment by Anony

The dress is not cute or flattering on Brit. Notice the trademark stain on the dress, on the front, close to the hemline. Why is everything always stained??

Comment by spinner

I’m wondering who Alice and Olivia are too!

Comment by lolly

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