April 12, 2007, 4:55 pm
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Today’s Oprah will play host to the Rutgers University women’s basketball players who landed in the headlines this past week when since-disgraced broadcaster Don Imus tossed a racial slur in their direction that hit the rim like a public-relations brick. Coach C. Vivian Stringer and the 10 team members will appear live, via satellite, says the AP.

I’m sorry, but enough already.

At first I felt bad for these girls. The comments were wrong and hurtful and took the focus off of a major accomplishment they had achieved.

But if they were really that upset by this then wouldn’t they want to put it behind them and move on? Holding press conferences and going on Oprah is only drawing more attention to the incident. T.R. Knight, Mel Gibson‘s cop, and Michael Richards’ victims were, quite frankly, the subjects of much worse comments and didn’t seek out the press the same way these girl seem to be doing. And while Imus may have eclipsed their moment in the sun, they’re totally stealing the thunder from the Tennesse team. (They actually won the finals.)


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I think you’re 100% wrong on this one. TR Knight went on Ellen after Isaiah Washington’s tirade after the Emmy’s. Don’t begrudge people an opportunity to address a real problem in current American pop culture. Folks like TR and the people lambasted by Michael Richards all benefit from the spotlight this specific incident has brought to bear.

Comment by E. DuBois

wah, wah, wah….. I totally laughed my ass off, if it was a black person who made the comments this would not even be an issue.

Comment by Jen

WOW !! The blacks really come out of the woodwork when they smell white blood.

Comment by MikeC....

I hope they appear on the show naked and I guess they will have to blur out their private parts but still! Wouldn’t that be hot!
I sho’ like me some bittersweet dark chocolate!

Comment by Tyra

WOW !!! … that’s some nappy headed ho niggahs in that pic on the left … quick, call the local zoo, they need to net those apes before they rob someone …

Comment by Lemon

You’re so wrong on this. The girls have said themselves that this controversy has taken on a life of its own and they’re being put in situations where they constantly are being asked to address it. One girl was quoted as saying that her holiday weekned was ruined by reporters dogging her and her family as they tried to celebrate Easter. They’ve tried to move on.

Just leave it at: you’re bored by the topic and don’t care… and move on.

Comment by Papi's Puta


Imus is not a racist, he is a dumbass! He has already said he was sorry, he has lost his TV show and may loose his radio monday… what the hell more do they want from him!!??

Where is the apology for the kids at Duke University? What about the other rappers who say worse things than Imus?? If you are white, over 40 and male- you are doomed

I am worried that freedom of speech is in trouble

Comment by the voice

I hope they appear on the show naked and I guess they will have to blur out their private parts but still! Wouldn’t that be hot!
I sho’ like me some bittersweet dark chocolate!

Comment by Tyra 04.12.07 @ 5:10 pm

WOW !!! … that’s some nappy headed ho niggahs in that pic on the left … quick, call the local zoo, they need to net those apes before they rob someone …

Comment by Lemon 04.12.07 @ 5:10 pm
WOW !! The blacks really come out of the woodwork when they smell white blood.

Comment by MikeC…. 04.12.07 @ 5:09 pm

And so do the cowardly internet racists. You guys are so pathetic snickering behind your keyboard.

Arasto, how is being called sugartits any worse than being called a nappy-headed ho on the radio?

Not only that, but police officers are trained to take abuse. These are just female college athletes who’ve been humiliated on a national level thanks to all this publicity that they didn’t even ask for. Do you honestly think they’re enjoying this attention?

Also, if you’re really so sick of people making a big deal over it, then why did you make a post about it?

Comment by Truly

it’s interesting that a person who makes a blog about media frenzies is so put off by real issues. if this REAL issue had anything to do with a celebrity whose only accomplishments were getting one hit movie role and then not working towards anything but a tan for the rest of their life…how shameful and ignorant of you to have made such a blog post.

Comment by enraged

Toughen up people. Those remarks were like grade school drivel. The less attention given…the better. I have heard harsher & more hurtful slurs blasting from rap music. I know, I know…2 wrongs don’t make a right…but 3 rights make a left.

Comment by spinner

wow arasto, didn’t no that you offer racist a place to express themselfs. or why didn’t you ban Lemons ugly comment. and lemon you are a piece of shit, and this comes from a white girl you primate

Comment by justice

i seriously can not believe you just said that. i find that offensive in so many ways.
we can’t just let this go. It hurts so many people and just to let it slide of our back.
so many things we have to teach people

Comment by Anonymous

seriously, what are you thinking? things like that that aren’t pounded into people’s head that it is not acceptable may let people think that its not a big deal. we already have kids in kansas thinking its cool to say “nigger” because they have no black friends to tell them otherwise that they look ignorant. do another report about britney spears before you start analyzing race relations.


Truly, enraged, YOU KNOW MY NAME. I have to agree with you all. Usually I am one to back Arasto up no matter what, but I have to say that these women did not ask to be thrown into this situation. I am sure they wish that they media attention would be focused on their performance as athletes, not as the brunt of a racist joke from an asshole.

I wish we all could “just forget it”. But it seems whenever people of color are insulted in the media, any protest they make about it is followed by “Those **insert demeaning name here** are always bitching about something. Get over it already.”


Comment by Anonymous

^^^^^That was me.. whoops! ^^^^

Comment by Me

Wow I’m disgusted by some of these comments, and disappointed in you, Arasto! And to the person who said Imus isn’t a racist, clearly you don’t know his history, or his record! This is NOT an isolated incident, this was not just an off the cuff remark that he didn’t mean. He hired a person to do “nigger” jokes, and is proud of it! I heard his impersonation of Maya Angelou, and it pained my heart!

Comment by lolly

You can’t compare the situations involving Isaiah Washington and Mel Gibson with this one. The slurs that they made were not for general consumption, they were made in private situations and not before an audience. They let there bigoted ideas slip out of there big mouths. It’s sad but we can’t get rid of all of the worlds bigots nor can we legislate what people think or feel.

Michael Richards made his rant before an audience and although it was a relatively small venue he used it to share his racist views and insults so if his career is negatively impacted then good for him.

Imus wanted to share his stupidity with the world so he must now deal with the worlds reaction as well and the fallout that goes with it.

Comment by Connie

FREEDOM OF SPEECH people. This is America. If you don’t like Imus, don’t listen to him. But he has every right to express his views. And leave it to “The OPRAH” to stick her “man bad, women good” 2 cents in.

Comment by Odd

So I guess this site is sexist too?

Comment by EM

Odd, i’m tired of people’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH remarks. yes, we are in America where you can say just about anything, but then again, we have censorship. furthermore, freedom of speech does not protect remarks intended to defame groups of people, especially in a professional (altho radio would be considered entertainment/media) arena. so, in conclusion, freedom of speech has its limits, and imus surpassed his.


I was actually out of the country when this incident happened, so I was out of the loop.
My co-worker just told me the story today, and I think his comments were disgusting.
CNN.com just announced that he has been FIRED, and I’m glad. 🙂

Comment by Kelly-Ann

After this whole thing they deserve a little bit of positive publicity and if going on Oprah gets them that and makes them feel better about what happened then fair enough.
Honestly though, as awful and childish as racism is people need to remember that as long as it stays as verbal abuse its just words out of some ignorant, pathetic and possibly jealous loser’s mouth. Everyone is so focused on what words can be said and what word’s cant…that is not the race problem. The race problem is the gang killings and those sickos that act on their hatred. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Comment by Stephi

wasnt this the same blogger who said isaih washington should be fired for saying faggot?

how dare you!

Comment by Anonymous

Again, White people really need to check the history of your won history.The image of the Black woman has been under attach since the first African female was stolen and brought to this country.It is Whites who invented the Black mammy, slut, whore, Jessabel image that plagues the depiction of siters up to this day.Trying to scapegoat rappers or claim the untterly silly reverse racism is just away to keep from accepting the fact that many of you internally hold very thoughts towards Blacks- often evil and vile thoughts.Trying to throw your trash on the victims will not change things.

Comment by Joanna

And I agree with Ty. Reading the comments here and on 99% of all White oriented blogs will show you without a doubt the true nature of many Whites.When race comes to the forefront their teeth come out and so does the name calling.

Because I used to run a Black oriented forum I know how Whites can be behind their computers.Many of them used to join our forum and post racist images and of course call names.Nappy,nigger, jiggaboo, are all terms first coined by Whites to describe and demean us.

To be Black in America is to always be under attack in one form or another.What Imus said was just another shot of many that Black women take in this country particularly when they are not Halle Berry or Beyonce looking women.

I almost feel sorry for some of you for judgement day will be a very dark day indeed for many of you.

Comment by Joanna

But, then again, I’m just a nappy, jiggaboo, nigger myself and ready to lynch or rob any poor unsuspecting person that my nappy, black, ho, ape, nigger ass can … that is, unless they put me back in the zoo first …

Comment by Joanna


Comment by Cree

As you can see from these comments there are a lot of racists out there. You’ll never know what it’s like until you walk a day in our shoes.

Comment by Yvette

I wonder if the people that sit there and write that crap even consider themselves racist. They’re probably the ones that are the first to say that black people are overeacting! Who are they to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be offended by?

Comment by Truly

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