April 12, 2007, 9:05 pm
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R&B babe CASSIE shimmered in a gold Versace mini at the 2007 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret model ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO sexed it up in the unforgiving frock last night in Miami.


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Gee, I dunno. They both look really good! I keep going between them, and I think they both rocked their own style. Tie for me!

Comment by Me

They both look GORGEOUS! I guess I’ll say Cassie because I like the waves in her hair and the sleeker accesories. Alessandra is flawless too though!

Comment by Truly

They both look incredible. I am jealous.

Comment by my2cents

Alessandra all the way!! She is absolutely stunning and she makes wearing this dress look effortless. It fits her perfectly, the shoes are spot on and she doesn’t look like she is trying too hard.

Comment by Stephi

it’s a tie!!

Comment by Kathy

I agree with Kathy.. ITS A TIE!!

Comment by Anonymous

Love BOTH!

Comment by Anonymous

Both gorgeous, but Alessandra for me.

Comment by Alex

cassie looks stunning
and her clutch looks alot better than alessandras bag

Comment by marie

I think I’m the only one then that thinks Alessandra looks a bit rough here.

Comment by Anonymous

alessandra her skin goes well with the dress, doesnt make it look faded

Comment by andrew

ALESSANDRA, i love that name. and she wears it waaay better. the other girls fat.

Comment by leela fashionista

i can’t choose they both look gorgeous! though i think it looks a touch too short on alessandra and the bag is terrible but of course she pulls it off.

Comment by SAS

they both look great

Comment by happy

i say Cassie bc Alessandra looks too skinny in this dress. She also gets negative points for that bag.

Comment by Anonymous

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO. her shoes and earings made it look better. but her bag is a big no-no

Comment by 1718


Comment by lolly


Comment by YOU KNOW MY N AME

The dress is clearly screaming for push-ups! They’re both hot in their own ways, but flat chests don’t really do it for me! That dress would look hot on Adriana Lima! HANDS DOWN!

Comment by TK

Can anyone else see Alessandra’s bush through her dress?!

Comment by IseewhatIsee

Brazilian homegirl, Alessandra.

Comment by Simon.

Cassie looks better all the way around. Alessandra eyes are too small, her face is long and skinny and her hair is paper thin. i’m not going to lie and say she’s stunning just because she’s a VS model .

Comment by Miss

^ omg, i totally didn’t notice that um, “bush” thing, but i see what you’re talking about. maybe it’s just a wet spot, i doubt she’d be unkempt down there, but funnny you noticed! ;O)

Comment by lolly


Comment by sigh

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