April 12, 2007, 5:59 pm
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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox lent their support to David Arquette last night at the premiere of his directorial debut ‘The Tripper’ at LA’s Hollywood Forever Cemetary.  A great place mourn the inevitable cancellation of FX‘s ‘Dirt.’

David’s production company with wifey Courteney — Coquette Productions — will release ‘The Tripper’ into theatres on April 20.


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this chick needs a boyfriend ASAP.

everywhere Courtney and David goes they have to take their “kid”

Comment by Marcy

inevitable cancellation of Dirt? whaaaa? but it’s just starting to grow on me! booooo

Comment by lolly

Why is she all over Courtney. Can she never stand on her own? She’s always hanging on and all over people. Talks about sucking the life out of people by hanging on for dear life. Just look, LOOK at the body language of Jen and Courtney. I think Courtney know’s she doesn’t really need Jen and Jen know’s she must hang on for dear life to Courtney

Comment by shut-up Says:

^ Whatever, they’re best friends! i hug and wrap around my best friends too — and look in the other photo where they are side by side, it’s courtney who’s holding jen’s leg!

Comment by lolly

^lolly…agreed. They are bestest friends. If Jen is suckin the life out of Courtney. Courtney sure looks like she’s lovin it. I am very affectionate with my friends as well.

Comment by spinner

I hope Dirt is not cancelled either, I like that show!
And I always love watching Courtney Cox, she’s so hot!

Comment by ryan

Jen rocks.

“you people are haters- you’re just jealous of Aniston” (oh, I mean ‘jelous’)

ROFLMAO….I know my pals here will get the joke.

Comment by parissucksliterally

^ ^ LOL psl you forgot to mention the ‘angie kool-aid’ that jen dislikers have apparently all drank. hehe i giggle everytime i hear that one.

Comment by SAS

Jen looks loads healthier now she has quit smoking.

Comment by qpqp

Courtney Cox possesses an under-appreciated beauty

Comment by coffee fiend

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