April 12, 2007, 2:21 pm
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While filming ‘The Simple Life’ with co-star Nicole Richie things got a bright and breezy for Paris Hilton. Thank goodness for the sake of humanity, the hotel heirhead was wearing panties. We’re sure she was contractually obligated.

After a round of shopping, Paris found a novel way of covering up – with a handful of shopping bags.


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what’s with the hand holding?

kiston sucks.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Check out the WONK on that eye…wow….

And they have the mentalities of five year old girls…that’s why they hold hands, kindergarteners do it. These girls are mental midgets…Hopefully they’re on their way OUT.

Comment by starr

cute dresses though.

Comment by lolly

I love kitson but I have to admit it has become a bit commercial the past couple of months. I still love shopping for cute little gifts there for my friends though, but everyone goes there now just to say that went to kitson ugh!
I think they both look gorgeous here! I like Paris better like this with her long blonde hair and tan…that whole fake Barbie look is her thing and she just looks stupid when she tries to be all ladylike.

Comment by Stephi

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