April 13, 2007, 6:35 pm
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KATE HUDSON rocked this fun yet sophisticated Chanel mini at the Tom Ford store opening earlier this week in New York City. Meanwhile, ‘OC’ cutie RACHEL BILSON made the most of her downtime by rocking the flirty number at the Chanel launch party in Beverly Hills.


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KATE, of course!

Comment by bla

they both look GREAT but i pick kate.

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z


Comment by B

Wow, that dress is god-awful. Kate looks better, though.

Comment by Kidge

Rachel Bilson
opaque leggings work better

Comment by b :)

that dress is hideous, but i think it looks better on rachel cuz it’s darker. the one on kate looks like it got washed too many times and looks old

Comment by bluebird

kate fo sho!

Comment by boomchaka

Kate but the dress is fug.

Comment by kaileah

kate duh

Comment by Anonymous

Kate Hudson is too old for that dress. Rachel looks way better, but the dress itself is ridiculous.

Comment by Truly

Kate only because it looks like someone has been messing with the bows on rachels and ruined it.

Comment by Anonymous

Kate Hudson.

Comment by Kelly-Ann

whats wrong with you people? Bilson looks waaay better.

Comment by leela fashionista

What a stupid dress! Give it to Kate this time, cause the lighter panties jazz it up.

Comment by Shoe_freak

i think rachel looks better here. i don’t think kate looks bad but this dress just doesn’t suit her.

Comment by SAS


they both look horrible here.

Comment by parissucksliterally

don’t like the dress at all.

Comment by happy

No one should own that dress.

Comment by ME

rachel is waaaaaay cuter!

Comment by Rachel

Rachel pulls it off better. They both look cute, though.

Comment by Agustina

That dress reminds me of one of those skeleton suits. It would look better on Nichole Ritchie.

Comment by Randi

wtf??? Retch.

Comment by lopes HIG GGI

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