April 13, 2007, 4:43 pm
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Jesus Christ Clay Aiken is in Afghanistan right now to bring attention to the needs of the country’s children.

“As a former teacher I recognize that spark of hope and excitement all children possess when given the opportunity to learn,” said Clay, who spent five days traveling between Kabul and Bamyan in the central region of Afghanistan. “Rebuilding schools, training teachers, providing essential supplies and teaching materials are just some of the advances UNICEF and its partners have made to keep that hope flourishing.”

While in the capital city of Kabul, Clay, who was appointed a UNICEF Ambassador in 2004, visited schools that have implemented programs meant to ensure all children regardless of gender receive an education.

The only disappointment of Clay’s 5-day trip?  When he was told that does not have a Kabul room.  Total bummer!


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Lots and lots of soldiers, lonely soldiers.

Comment by Milit

Oh my gawd…He’s wearing a wrap like women wear…just come out already, jeez…

Comment by starr

I swear they’re all snickering at him in the picture.

“They’re going to laugh at you!”

Comment by Papi's Puta

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he looks like a girl dressed in drag. kind of like sarah on Top Model.

Comment by thighmegatampon

“former teacher” ? wasn’t the dude like, 16 when he was on the show? whatever. but that’s cool he went where few dare to go.

Comment by lolly

[…] Clay Aiken Goes To Afghanistan – WTF – Fadedyouthblog […]

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WTF is going on here?!

Comment by Kelly-Ann

Wow, how low can you go when someone puts their life in danger by going to Afghanistan as a Unicef emb. and you turn it into a “gay” issue. The kids there really need help, and I applaud Aiken for being MAN enough to step to the plate and help, instead of what most celebs do and just donate their names to a charity. Shame on you…

Comment by Mary

Shame on you

Comment by Anonymous

wow, Arasto seems to be getting way more snarky comments than usual, what’s up??

Comment by lolly


Comment by lolly

FadedYouth: This is one more false statement by Mr. Aiken. He is NOT a teacher. Has never been licensed by any state as a teacher. Has never been hired by any school as a teacher. He graduated with a degree in education but has not fulfilled the requirements to obtain a teaching license yet he continues to say he is a teacher. THAT does a disservice to real teachers everywhere who actually are licensed, are qualified rather than a pop star who co-opts their profession so he looks good. Perhaps it is time to set THAT record straight.

Comment by Lauren

While Clay is doing something good and bringing publicity where it is deserved, this is a gossip site. We all have heard about Clay being gay and we all have our own opinions about it. Arasto has his own site so he chose to highlight the good Clay is doing, while making a snide remark. So the fuck what??

If you don’t like it, piss off to some other site. For all of us that have been around for a while, we understand and appreciate Arasto’s humor. He rarely ever crosses the line, and when he does we can share tell him how we feel, but at the end of the day it’s HIS fucking site. Ok thats it outta me!

Comment by Me

Well, I visit this site daily, and can get the fact that it is humor. That said, I still think it is wrong to turn someone doing good into a snide gay remark. Not needed. And Clay IS a teacher, and has had his own classroom. He is a teacher in North Carolina, and has even been the teacher for the kids who go on the Christmas tour with him, as long as the kids are from N.C., because that is where Clay is a teacher. Again, the man wants more from life them to just be a celeb, and people find fault with that. Get over it already. He sings great and is a smart, caring man.

Comment by Mary

well i do think he is a strange little man i cant fault him for a second for doing this work. good on him.

Comment by SAS


Comment by WTF

Uh, Starr, your stupid is showing. That is how those are supposed to be worn. If you knew anything at all about Afghanistan and the people there, you would know this. I guess in your rush to label Clay a woman/gay, you chose to ignore this fact. Try harder next time.

Comment by MyOMy

It’s called a shaal and it’s traditional garb for Afghani men to wear in colder weather. It’s an indication of respect.

Comment by Mary

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Clay Aiken’s Afghanistan Appeal: $100,000 in 10 days!

“I’ve just returned from Afghanistan and see that the need is urgent. Let’s aim high and work together to raise $100,000 in 10 days. Join me in standing with UNICEF to help these kids.”

Comment by Mary

I noticed that several posters made comments that Clay Aiken had never been a teacher. Clay became interested in working with kids with disabilities while working at the YMCA and running a camp with 150 kids, and noticing that disabled kids were turned away. While running camps -he also worked part time at Brentwood Elementary School assisting in the after school programs. The principal of the school was so impressed with his work that she asked him to take on a class and fill in for a teacher that had left on maternity leave. Clay did not realize until his first day of teaching that he was taking over a class full of autistic children which he said was the biggest challenge of his life. He also discovered that he loved it and wanted to spend his life teaching special needs kids. While in college – Clay joined a government program that assigns teachers-in-training to work with a child with disabilities. This is how he came to work with 12 year old autistic and non-verbal Mike Bubel. He worked with and taught Mike for a year and a half. A principal at Brentwood knew that he taught – and his professors at his college knew that he taught. So yes – I’d say that Clay Aiken has definitely worked as a teacher – and I can hardly imagine anyone saying that teaching special needs kids doesn’t count!!!

Comment by Belle

How is Saudi Arabia involved in the thing? Afghanistan and Arabia are worlds apart.

Comment by Anonymous

Hey Lauren/Ginger,

You are full of shit. Unless you can prove that Clay Aiken never took the Praxis test, you know nothing about whether he is a certified teacher.

Read it and weep, bitch.

Since you are such a fan, maybe you’ll remember the reason he cast a North Carolina youth in the JNT05…let me refresh your memory…so he could be his teacher while they were touring. Read the site for youself.

You pathetic excuse for a human being.

Comment by not true

Let’s just tell everyone who Ginger…er…Lauren is. She’s one of those at the OC who pretends the site is a fan site but they are a group of sick women who write slashfic. She’s one of the wenches who has been making up stuff for 4 years and putting it on gay websites trying to convince people that their fanfic character, Clay, is THEEEE Clay. Imagine that! 4 years of trying to convince gays that Clay is gay which satisfies their boi on boi fantasies. She’s also been involved in the smear campaign along with other OCers giving access to their fanfic to the Raspberry Beret to peddle as though they were his own stories. Her buddy at the same site helps Perez Hilton impersonate Clay under a particular screen name and profile. Another buddy has a saying under her screen name from one of the slashfics which is where the little lizard faced imp got “quarter turns” from and it had nothing to do with sex. Other buddies from the same site have admitted to helping the mental midget in his efforts to convince the world that he’s breathed the same air as Clay Aiken. Never happened.

Now being certified to teach in NC…that is true. She lies as she always does. Teach you to use your real name, buttmunch.

Comment by Equalize This

…and Ginger, would you girls stop with the John Dahlstrom crap. He faced off with Bina to let her know that Clay is straight and to leave them both which she had a meltdown. Same type of meltdown when Clay’s backup singer told her that Clay is straight. All her slashficking lies won’t make Clay gay and won’t make Dahlstrom like her.

Comment by Equalize This

Why is he all the way up there for? That’s stupid, you can get yourself killed like that. Because leaving out the untied states is very horrible thing! If I were him, I would just forget about teaching. And leave, and just teach in NC or somewhere elese that’s in the united states! Gosh, people don’t have no sense at all. Urgh, it ticks me off! But I guess he is doing the right thing and that’s good. Anyway, I’ll keep him in my prayers so he can be safe in all he do!!!!

Comment by Tia

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