April 13, 2007, 12:06 am
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Is the busy schedule of starring in the West End production of ‘Equus’ taking its toll on Daniel Radcliffe‘s skin. The ‘Harry Potter’ boyhunk’s skin looked a little blotchy at the STR Theatre Book Prize today in London.


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Comment by Anonymous

oh, com on…who DOESN’T have some pimples? and what is he 19, 20?

whatever, give him a break.

Comment by parissucksliterally

omg, he looks old!

Comment by Anonymous

he’s 17!!!! what 17 year old doesnt have acne??

Comment by Anonymous

Wow. Groundbreaking. Teenagers have acne!?!

Comment by DOMARINA

your daily fug.

Comment by dude-wit-diablo

I always knew that he would grow up and lose his looks…not that he was ever really a heartthrob to begin with. The poor guy will never really be able to shake the Harry Potter role, no matter how many naked stage plays he is cast in.

Comment by Stephi

i dunno, i just assume if your as rich as these people, you can afford the top of the line skin care products and follow a strict regimine (sp?) so you can skip the acne

but anyways, that’s not what i was planning on saying. i was gonna say I CANT WAIT FOR THE BOOK, YAY! But also, BOOOO it’s a lil sad.

Comment by lolly

i cant wait for the book either! though i think harry is going to die (boo)

his skin looks fine- he’s just a kid after all. i’m much more offended by the pubis on his face.

Comment by SAS

‘Harry Spotter’?
Wow, how original. Did you come up with that all by yourself?
It’s pretty sad when the best thing you can diss about him is his acne, my god.

Comment by Shani


Comment by lala

Well… I think he still looks very hot/cute.

Comment by Simon.

he’s adorable (and always had zits. if you look at any of the films, he’s caked in make-up.)

Comment by dottcomm1

All the money is the world cannot help some peoples acne. Unfortunately :*(

(Talking from experience)

Comment by Anonymous

^ really?! soemthing can be done, for sure! diet. if skin care products aren’t working, it has to be internal.

Comment by lolly

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