April 13, 2007, 1:44 pm
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Looks like Pete Doherty has taken a page out of Michael Jackson‘s infamous stunt book as he hung his baby out of a building window for the cameras.

Pete copied MJ’s spectacle on Wednesday when his baby, Kate Moss, hung upside down from a building window as he played guitar in her face.

Despite repeated requests from onlookers below, neither chose to jump.


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“Despite repeated requests from onlookers below, neither chose to jump.”

THAT was fantastic!

Comment by yeahso?

It’s so comforting that she’s a mother…..I wish she had 6 kids.

fucking trashy wasted irresponsible excuse for a parent.

Comment by parissucksliterally

love that she’s still puffing that cigarette!

Comment by dottcomm1

Didn’t Johnny Depp do this to her years ago. Hung her out the window by her ankles.

Comment by Anonymous

From Johnny Depp to this guy… Downgrade of the century.

Comment by Anony

I wonder if she’s horribly embarrassed about this? What is it going to take to stop her from being such an amazing idiot? Why is she continuously rewarded for her bad behavior? Well, at least she’s not hanging her own baby out the window. Although, I suppose she might as well be. Shame!

Comment by WTF

Woww this is in pretty poor taste from Pete considering this is how that guy (whose death pete was involved with) died a couple of months ago. Apparently he jumped out a window but some say he was actually pushed in a drunken fight.
This is just sooo irresponsible of a mother to let someone do this to her, honestly her little girl should be taken away from her as awful as that sounds! Obviously Kate does not even think about Lila when she is out doing stupid things like this with someone like Pete.

Comment by Stephi

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