April 13, 2007, 2:00 pm
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Looking slim, tanned and happy, a newly rehabilitated Britney Spears seemed to be enjoying her post-rehab life yesterday as she hit up Sydney Michelle in in Bel Air with her cousin Allie.

Loves it!

A gal can never have too many hats. Why not two cowboy hats at once?


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she has the grossest looking linebacker legs

Comment by yeahso?

she is looking great!!! Hope she keeps it up.

Comment by Kathy

she genuinely looks attractive in this pic. whodathunkit.


for the love of GOD knock it off with the cheap wigs and hats…you had the balls to shave it…now have the balls to rock it!

Comment by rags

she has GOT to drop the ugly hats.

I agree, her legs are like a linebacker’s- but they match her shneck, so she’s in proportion! LOL

she looks better here than she has in a while though, I’ll give her that much.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Crazy ass bald bitch!

Comment by Kelly-Ann

cute dress.

Comment by crumbly

i really wanna see her with short hair… i totally i agree with rags.

Comment by yaz

If we first look at the fact that this is Britney Spears then we can say she looks really good here. Cute dress AND cute shoes, who would of thunk it? The hats need to go though! I am tired of the Hollywood homeless clothes mixed with gooy hate that her and the Olsons wear.

Comment by my2cents

^Wow typos. I meant “goofy hats” not “gooy hate”! WTH?

Comment by my2cents

is it strange that i thought that was jessica simpson in those pics?

Comment by thighmegatampon

^ lol, .02 psl, schneck, i forgot about that! :O) i’ve developed some sort of britney syndrome…when i see pictures of her my heart beats a little faster and i have an almost uncontrollable urge to shake something violently.

Comment by lolly

She looks great here..That hat is nto good but she her body..Keep it up Brit..

Comment by Anonymous

I really think she looks awsome, I am so proud!!!

Comment by BeJeeBus

PSL–> I’m loving the integration of shneck 🙂 I actually like her legs, very toned and not as bruised as Lohan’s… Do you still have to time your name every time??

Comment by BeJeeBus

yea she does look good here. and i cant believe i actually think that! but the FUCKING HATS. argh.

i think we should be clear that she didnt bravely shave her head or had the balls to do something wild. she was off her nut on drugs and probably regrets it every day.

argh i still have to type my name and email every time but i seem to remember something about the new site will be ready around fridayish…

Comment by SAS

YES! I have to type my name, and it’s SO annoying!

BJB…how could I forget the shneck? LMAO!

I could see how some would appreciate her legs- yes, thay are toned. I just think teh shape and girth of them are manly.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Girth should be the word of the day. Haven’t heard it in a long time! hehe Wow I don’t get it I donøt have that problem at all I just typed it once and it’s stuck in here..You should consider shorting down your name if it continues to bug. PSL formerly known as parissucksliterally 🙂

Comment by BeJeeBus

Oh, Brit, you have to take off your hat to try another one on. Someone intelligent would know that.

She sucks.

Comment by Agustina

Wowww!! This is the best I’ve seen her look in ages!! I love the dress and while everyone seems to pick on her for the cowboy hat, its her own little look and it looks pretty cute on her. And the biggest improvement of all…she looks happy!!

Comment by Stephi

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