April 13, 2007, 3:09 pm
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A cheerful Britney Spears shopped in Beverly Hills sporting her customary Cowgirl look but wearing something a lot daintier than the $170 Kenneth Cole high brown boots that she has worn numerous times over the past two weeks.

Brit appears to be well on her way to rehabilitation. She isn’t nocturnal anymore and prefers shopping and red bulls to clubbing and alcohol.



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if you look closely at yesterday’s pics when she went dancing, not only is she wearing those hideous boots, but she has LEG WARMERS over them!!!!

what the FUCK is her problem? she just doesn’t GET it!

Comment by parissucksliterally

When she should be wearing a bra with her outfit she doesn’t and when she shouldn’t be wearing a bra she does.

Comment by Anonymous

i love brit but she needs a stylist!

Comment by hrvatica

wheres rachel zoe? brit, call her!

Comment by hrvatica

At least she’s wearing a bra…

Comment by Anony

without a doubt, Brit wins hands down for the most digusting, ugly clothes dresser EVER to grace Hollywood. Hands down, no doubt! She must enter her closet each day and say “hmmm how can I look like a bimbo clown, today”.? I mean, I do not get it, never will! Gross.

Comment by jane

It’s all about the MONEY. If Spears wasn’t so rich, she wouldn’t be parading around looking as she does, she has this ‘entitlement’ attitude that goes hand in hand with money/power. she can’t just put on jeans and a clean nice tee, or a NORMAL knee length skirt, I mean she has to believe she looks good. Makes me want to vomit, with each new pic!

Comment by teha

What the HELL is wrong with her?? How can she think this looks good??

Comment by Anonymous

why does she always find the need to fuck up every outfit she wears.the dress is really cute but the white bra showin is just trashy and i hate the cheap hat.

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

Why doesn’t she just work & relax with her 2 children?

Comment by Kelly-Ann

I bet her former nemesis’, Christina Aguilara, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson, etc–all laugh when they see pics like this just KNOWING that this joke of an entertainer is no competition. She is just a fool.

Comment by TellMeMore

Nice try Brit, but uh, must you ruined a pretty dress with a darn white bra?? This girl is wacky. Has no sense of style whatsoever.

Comment by OhHellNo!

That dress is good but the bra..Next time

Comment by Kika

Is that like a breat feeding bra or what? i know I’m young so I don’t know the correct terms or how it looks exactly.. I’m glad that she is getting a grip for real the way she was living, she was gonna end up in the gutter dead ..

Comment by BeJeeBus

^ there’s no fucking way britney spears breast feeds BJB! :OD

Comment by lolly

seriously…she looked in the mirror and said “damn this bra looks HOT with this dress”

What a shmuck

Again, just rock the bald head!

Comment by rags

I think she looks pretty cute here…but if Rachel Zoe got her hands on Britney she would look amazing!! Unlike a lot of the celeb girls out there Britney has got genuine good looks, whether she is bald or not. Her smile is gorgeous and no matter how much weight she puts on her features will always stay the same. With the right clothes, acessories and makeup Britney would blow them all out of the water.

Comment by Stephi

I look at past pictures of her where she just looked stunning and then I look at these recent pics. What the hell happened? And why the hell can’t she spend time being a mom and with her kids?? Might get back a little respect for her.

Comment by dewy

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