April 14, 2007, 1:17 am
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I’m no body language expert but after looking at these photos of Hollywood’s latest celeb hook-up hitting the town last night in New York City, I think it’s safe to say that Pete Wentz is a little protective of his lady love Ashlee Simpson.

With a failing music career and decliing popularity, it’s comforting to see that the Fall Out Boy bassist still has something to cherish.


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how come arasto doesnt post as much as he did before?i remeber i use to come on this site like 5 times a day and had new updates every time.=[ this makes me sad

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

yep…agree…this site went to hell. I’m bailing.

Comment by wasbetter

Guys…I don’t know if any of you have tried moving a blog to its own site, or redesigning that site, but it’s hell. Arasto’s doing the best he can, and I’m sure the posting will be back up to speed once the new layout is up. He already posts a lot more than nearly any other gossip blog I’ve seen. Give him a break.

Comment by Kidge

Not sure these two are a couple? Unless Ash prefers chicks πŸ™‚ Got any spare eyeliner man?

Comment by Anonymous

that dude’s ugly and I’m not talking about Ashlee Simpson. He looks so greasy and gross. I wouldn’t hit it even after seeing his package online.

Comment by beeble

Arasto I’m sorry you have so many assholes visiting the site. Yuo don’t deserve that crap. But at least they’re upping your site clicks which means more money for you!

Comment by 4.54

Asslee Simpson’s career is dead, her fanbase just grew up and they probably all think she a fake nose on two sticks. Sad but true. Pete should try to get a solo career since he’s getting all the attention in Fall out boy. The guy is plain dumb or what? And please, get rid of the racoon eyes, it getting a little too drag queeny for my taste!

OOOh and by the way, this site rocks πŸ˜‰

Comment by Nick Royalty

Pete’s career is failing? Umm… are we talking about the same guy here?
Their last cd that came out went big and sold shitloads of copies. Just because they don’t make it onto your ‘Top 5 easy listening’ list, doesn’t mean they aren’t popular.

If you are going to try to be a nasty bitch, at least make it count. Don’t half ass it with lame attempts. :o)

Comment by Shani

“Pete should try to get a solo career since he’s getting all the attention in Fall out boy.” Comment by Nick Royalty 04.14.07 @ 3:28 am

^ ^ ^ Umm.. except for the fact that he isn’t a singer, Patrick is. Just because he is famous doesn’t mean he has to go solo. Not every band is a little Destiny’s Child in the waiting. Waiting till they are super hot and then split up to have ‘so-so’ solo careers.
Pete obviously knows FOB is working for him, why the hell would he fuck that up and go solo?

Comment by Torance

I don’t get you people, Arasto still updates all the time, at least every time I come there is new stuff so I’m satisfied. It can’t be too easy getting it all together, but I’m not gonna bail just because it’s not like the way it used to be.

Ashlee and Pete are a super cute couple even though he is a tad bit gay!

Comment by BeJeeBus

If I remember correctly, Ashley is only like 5’4….and even though she may be wearing heels, she’s taller than him. HAHAHAHA He’s a little man!!! She should have her arm protectively around HIM!

Comment by Someone

How desperate do you have to be to date a bisexual man? It’s disgusting. Ewww. Ashlee Simpson is a joke.

Comment by Ice Queen

^^ I think bisexual guys are hot.

Comment by 4.54

In the immortal words of Ice Cube “sometimes I used to wondah, how the hell an ugly dude get a fine girl’s numbah?”

Comment by Matt

I agree with “Ice Queen”. I couldn’t deal with a bisexual man…not cool…. but if it flots your boat have fun….

Comment by ....

ewww he is so ugly

Comment by thighmegatampon

If Pete Gay.. will good if Ash should Gay too.. ^o^

Not her fan but will love to see her gay..

don’t care what she do on her face or nose or anything

some people blame women or guy who surgery…they can do anything because is what they face/body..

is not you business.. *_*

Comment by popo

I think you guys forget that Arasto is running this site on his own. It’s not a company! And I’m sure he has another life rather than commenting on other people’s all the time. If you guys don’t think he is updating enough for you then you are obviously on here too much. Go out and have a run or something and get off the computer!
And Pete’s failing career? Ummm last time I checked FOB were one of the hottest acts out there at the moment. If you are gonna pay him out Arasto at least get your facts straight.

Comment by Stephi

he’s done a great job and last night
i wes loaded. Things will get better I’m sure ?

Comment by wasbetter

I think Ashlee looks absolutely stunning with her nose job. Who the hell cares if she got a nose job?? No difference then if someone dyes their hair. The guy by the way is HIDEOUS. omg, hideous, nice teeth, nice eyeliner. yeck.

Comment by lopes HIG GGI

not that i think pete should have a solo career, but for the record HE DOES sing. ever listen to a fob album? youre hearing patrick mostly, but pete also. he was a singer/bassist for a screamo band before fob. now that ive made myself sound like a creep, id like to delve even further and agree with the people saying pete has a failing music career. their international tour with like 30 tour dates sold out in the first day. even if his career were failing, hes still got more money and fame than any of us, he makes failure look appealing.
ps fall out boy is rad

Comment by rachel

I think Pete is wearing more makeup than Ashlee is in that picture.

Comment by Kate

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