April 14, 2007, 6:07 pm
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Hollywood was out in full force last night at the 14th annual Race to Erase MS, with organizers raising nearly $2.5 million at the star-studded gala.

Held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel in Century City, Nancy Davis (yes, Brandon‘s mother) and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who co-chaired the event, walked the red carpet with hopes of raising awareness and money for multiple-sclerosis treatment and research. This year’s theme, Dance to Erase MS, went a long way to dispel any myths about the disease.

A throng of celebrities showed up at the gala event, including Ray Romano, Forest Whitaker and Eva Longoria.

Tara Reid

Nicky Hilton

Nicole Richie

Molly Sims


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Molly adopts the meth look šŸ™‚

Comment by Molly Wood

nice to see the socialites at this event raising money. and tara reid is still looking beautiful again, good for her.

Comment by ryan

Tara Reid looks like Paula Deen.

Comment by 4.54

The Hilton girls are so fucking ugly

Comment by Anonymous

Um, did anyone else notice the shadows having sex in the first picture? Anyone?

Comment by me

lol. celebutards!

love the shadow sex.

Comment by pizzle

Tara Reid: She looks beautiful! I’m loving the blue dress.

Nicky Hilton: She’s fug, but I kinda like her dress.

Nicole Richie: Yeah, I don’t like her…

Molly Sims: That’s a nice dress, I like it.

Comment by Agustina

What is up with the sex pose in the back? Someone “doin it” backstage??
Anyone know if ‘Race to Erase MS’ includes porn in its charity campaigns?

Comment by foiler420

Tara: Looks nice but looks very fake.
Nicky: Pretty
Nicole: Looking much healthier.
Molly Sims: Her ears are sticking out.

Comment by MeMe

LOL me i didn’t even notice them- weird!

Tara looks great, nicky looks not so great, nicole looks terrible; her hair washes her out and she has bags under her (dead) eyes. also her dress doesn’t seem to fit properly.

Comment by SAS

Hahaha socialites at a charity event? Not such a new development Ryan but its nice that they are there I guess whether they are very involved or not. Nicky is not looking good these days it seems like the Hilton charm has worn off of both the girls. I think Nicole looks really cute but definately not the best I’ve seen her. And yehh what’s up with the sex pose? Is it meant to be like that or just some unfortunate lighting?

Comment by Stephi

Why hasn’t anybody mentioned the horrendous accessories Tara is sporting… Look at the necklece – a heart and the peace sign melted together?

My 7-year old neighbour wears nicer jewellery.

Comment by Blabber

nicky hilton has the most hideous pig nostrils

Comment by verq

Wow, Nicole looks the best i’ve ever seen her in this pic. Nicky hilton has a poor girls face. She has that midwest trailer lookin face that’s why she can never look chic. Paris’s look is more euro chic.

Comment by m

I’m not crazy about Nicole’s dress- it’s ill fitting, and unflattering. Her body does look better, but I agree with Stephi here, not the best I’ve seen her look either.

Comment by parissucksliterally

oooh i like how nicole wore bright red shoes with that gray and white dress. cute! shame about that hair though.

Comment by thighmegatampon

has anyone else noticed that tara and nicky wore dresses to match their eyes?

Comment by thighmegatampon

2.5 million? If that was anywhere else but Hollywood that would be great, but those people are multi-millionaires!!! what is 2.5 mill to them?

Comment by Barks




Comment by NARC

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