April 14, 2007, 8:20 am
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Prince William and his long-term gal pal Kate Middleton have split up.

The couple, who met at St Andrews University, have reached an “amicable agreement” to end their relationship.

A source quoted in The Sun newspaper confirmed the 24-year-old second-in-line to the throne and 25-year-old Kate had gone their separate ways.

The split was caused by the huge pressures on the young couple and because of the time William has devoted to Army life, the paper said.

Sewing of Prince Wills’ royal wild oats is set to officially commence this weekend.


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YES!! Now’s my chance!


Comment by That girl

good. now he can find someone better.

Comment by carlett

OMG i would never have seen this coming! I wonder if its really true…

Comment by SAS

I hope he got a little royalty worth sex during this short relationship!

Comment by Nick Royalty

timing of this break-up says the pics of him in the tabs, plus the fact he invited girls back to his place for drinks says she threw him to the curb regardless of any relationship woes.

good girl!

Comment by dottcomm1

that last line made me laugh out loud…

Comment by amused

wow….I wasn’t expecring that one.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Good for Kate atleast she won’t have to worry about her future children having equine faces from all the years of inbreeding in the royal family. She was way to pretty for him. All he had going for him is his status as the heir of the biggest welfare payout in the world.

Comment by amara

I love your comment amara, especially the welfare part. You are sooo right on!

Comment by Ice Queen

I wonder 20-30 years from now, is Kate going to be the next Camilla???

Comment by Kathy

I am happy they decided to take their relationship underground. I don’t believe for a moment they are over.

Comment by B :)

It’s SOWING wild oats, not sewing….l m a o.

Comment by iona

That’s one goodlooking woman….he’ll regret this at some point probably when he’s stuck with some attention freak like his mom.

Comment by royal_lover

‘welfare payout’ … you’re prob not even british so shut the fuck up! the royal family actually take very little from the state but the amount they make for the country through tourism is far more … The Queen is woth billions, she really doesn’t need money from the state … I mean, her stamp collection alone is worth 1 billion ponds – insanity, but true … best jewellery collection in the world & largest art / artifacts collection in the world … I mean, the small amount they draw from the state is nothing – the tax she pays is far more … though the upkeep of her numerous palaces, castles & mansions is payed by the state not to mention her 1000’s of staff but big deal – most european countries are in a similar position.

Comment by lisa

Bummer. 😦

Comment by chicken little

Sorry Lisa- all of the queen’s wealth belongs to the state and those citizens. Don’t get too carried away with the tourist factor.

Comment by Sorry lisa

I wonder if this is true or not…I never like to beleive breakup stories until the couple make an official statement. It would definately be a blow to the royal family however, who probably are expecting Wills to get married pretty soon.

Comment by Stephi

Lisa, you are an idiot. You don’t have to be British to know that the royal family is supported by the British taxpayers. Trying reading something informative before you give an opinion. Cutting ribbons to open cheese factories and and the such does not warrant the amount of pay she receives. Life the aformentioned messages says biggest welfare payout in the world.

Comment by Devon

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