April 16, 2007, 8:47 pm
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Amid a wave of racial debates sparked by Don Imus’ recent ill-conceived comments, Paris Hilton shows her support for the Black community by appearing at the launch of the UpStage phone in Beverly Hills as her African American alterego, Whitney Hilton.


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Comment by Kelly-Ann

Is that self-tanner or dirt?

Comment by lola lola

Dirt. Definitely dirt. But…it’s GOLDEN dirt.

Comment by karafarrah

LMAO ! Oh Paris. This self-tanner is enough to send her to jail, I think.

Comment by Anonymous

That’s not dirt or tanner, people. That’s a vile and disgusting life finally catching up to her and showing all over! Damn, I thought I’d have to wait until she was 30 to see her looking this used up. Saaaweeet!

Comment by just me

Paris is a Whore.

Comment by Susan

LOL, she looks like her own grandmother.

Comment by Nineveh

you do realise her middle name is whitney … seriously!

Comment by anon

she is wearing Lamb! the one thing that is good about her!

Comment by Bonny

she’s not channeling her inner whitney, she’s channeling her inner muppet. she’s orange!

Comment by dottcomm1

wow, is that sun damage or uneven makeup?

Comment by EAT IT

what a crackhead!

Comment by iwannamarryjay-z

LOL. And I’m sure it cost her a fortune to look like that.

Comment by Ev

i think you have to look somewhat ethnic to pull off being that tan, otherwise it doesn’t look good.

Comment by Miss

EEEEEWWWWWWW! she is disgusting and racist to boot! i cannot wait until she is OVER.

Comment by SAS

Woahhh fake tan overload!! I’m betting she just had a spray tan and hasn’t showered yet. Despite the dirtiness however, I think she is looking ok. I’d much rather this than pasty..but thats just me I’ve lived at the beach all my life.

Comment by Stephi

I would love to run into this hag one night at some LA hotspot. I would gladly do jail time for knocking her wonky eye straight!

Comment by crumbly


Comment by NARC

She looks awful.

Comment by Agustina

no matter how hard she tries, she cant hide that WONKY EYE!

Comment by john

Whitney Hilton…hahaha

Too bad ANTM Whitney is WAYYYYY better looking!

Comment by Me

Comment by Stephi 04.17.07 @ 12:35 am

^I like healthy tans… I’m a person that likes to be outside a lot, especially when it’s nice and sunny. I’m not into the fake tanning thing (booths or self-tanner and spray), and rarely does the outcome look good to me. I’d much rather prefer seeing people their natural pasty selves than to see an obviously fake or orange tan. I find it incredibly tacky.

Comment by Aysla

I prefer a more natural look as opposed to this fake, orange tan shit. 10 years from now when negative reports come out from the AMA on the harmful effects of this crap, people won’t be so eager to be orange.

Comment by spinner

^word, Aysla & spinner. exactly.

Comment by lolly

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