April 16, 2007, 7:54 pm
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Last week’s tabloid covers:

In Touch‘This Isn’t Working’

Star‘Angelina Walks Out on Brad’

OK! ‘Angie is Losing Brad’

Either Brad and Angelina were desperately trying to save face by appearing happy (not to mention sexy!) together while leaving Paramount Studios yesterday or the trash mags are seriously out to get them as a result of their exclusive deal with People mag. My money is on the latter.


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The trash rags are out to get them.

Comment by amara

Stupid trash rags are out to get them. Now PEOPLE will certainly get all info from them. They do look happy.

Comment by marmar

Brad and Angelina are having the last laugh. Stupid trash mags.

Comment by J

She has a huge skull.

Comment by Ren

Damn..she is one ugly woman.

Comment by Kathy

Love them.

The tabloids are insane.

does anyone belief them?

Comment by lolo

She has a huge skull.

Damn..she is one ugly woman.

similar and childish.

Comment by sam

I’d say the tabloids are gunning for them

Comment by audrey

I’m loving his hat and her slippers. The tab’s will surely have a spin on this pic too but I know better than to belive them.

Comment by Trinidad

he really needs to get his balls back.

Comment by dana

The media have been gunning for them for a LONG time – they wouldn’t bother trying to ‘save face’ and they don’t need to.

Comment by Phoenix

Oh Sam, Sam Sam Sam. Are you pretending that anyone that comments here is not similar & childish?

What a laugh.

Comment by Ren

Still… I stand by my comment. She DOES have a very large skull. Her head is bigger than Brad’s including the hat.

One mighty large skull. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing. Simply making a very basic (and randomly astute) comment.

Comment by Ren

Her head does look big in that picture. Why is that childish? They are dressed strange, they look like detectives or something.

Comment by my2cents

not sure why this picture looks kind of odd. ehh… as long as they’re happy!

Comment by EAT IT


Comment by Hope

they look gorgeous here but i’m not a fan of brads hat!

Comment by SAS

Whatever. I’m bored of them.

Comment by Agustina

Do you really think that Brad looks sexy?

Comment by sue

I think eventually, she’s going to chew him up and spit him out. For now, I think they’re happy.

Comment by parissucksliterally

Anyone remember less than a week before Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced they were separating? They had their arms around each other in some tropical destination. This pic doesn’t mean anything.

Comment by annonymous

Brad had no children when he was pictured in that tropical location. It’s not that easy to walk away when you have kids. A man who became a father for the first time at 42 after years of wanting to be a dad will do everything he can to make a relationship work. This pix says that they are together and happy.

Comment by marley

annonymous 04.17.07 @ 3:46

That picture and the one you talk about? apples and oranges. I agree with what marley says. They have a family and they also I think love each other very much. The past and now? Apples and oranges ya’ll.

Comment by Trinidad

People Come On Now This Is Angleina Jolie…Dont You Remember The Blood, The Tattoos, The Lesbian Lover Ect. I Think We All No This Is Going To End Soon!!
Im Really Not Suprised By The Article Saying She Doesn’t Love Shiloh…She Said Herslef She Didnt Want Kids Of Her Own And It Wasnt Planned ( Which I Believe Is A Fucking Lie, Its Just Her Way To Keep Him With Her) Of Course Hes Going To Love Her She Gave Him His First Child!!
And I Bet She’ll Bare More Just To Keep Him!!
Fukin Hoelie !!

Comment by Anonymous

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